Chapter 19: Have Fun! + Splatfest, Alone

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Time Skip - Three Days, December 23rd

Agent 8's (Mike's) P.O.V:

"Take care ok?" I kissed Sarah on the forehead as she held her packed suitcase next to her. She smiled at me, and threw herself onto me. "I'm sorry.." Sarah whispered softly in my ear. I told that it was alright and that she'd better get going or else she was going to be late.

She was being picked up by Isabel, who was taking her to the station.

"I love you a ton, Mike." Sarah blew a kiss at me as she walked out the door.

"I love you more, Sarah." I caught her kiss and placed it on my heart, making her laugh a bit.

"Merry Squidmas," She said back.

"Merry Squidmas." I responded. "Have funnnn!"

She smiled, turning around and closing the door behind her.

I stood there, staring at the door, feeling my smile slowly disappearing. I know it's only for three days, but it'll feel like an eternity. We see each other literally every day, from morning to night, so I guess it only makes sense that it'll feel that way.

I already miss her.

Not knowing what to do, I tidied up the place a bit and cleaning. I did my best to distract myself, playing video games, watching movies and shows, scrolling mindlessly through social media. I did that for the entire day until nighttime arrived once again. And for once, I decided to sleep early.

I layed on my bed, cuddling the stuffed green squid Sarah had gifted me awhile back. "To remind you of me" written on one of the tags. Without even realizing it, I knocked out pretty quickly.

Time Skip - Following Afternoon

Hey Babe :)
Are you there?
I miss you
You're probably busy
Hey are you free?
Can we talk?
I miss hearing your voice..
I love you
Come back soon

I let out a desperate sigh. I texted her and called her multiple times to check up on her, but Sarah's probably busy with her family. Bored and putting my phone in my jean pocket, I got out and headed to Inkopolis Square, where the current Splatfest was going on. The sky was already dark, but it was only 7:00 P.M. As I approached the square, the sounds of music blasting from speakers, crowds of inklings dancing and singing along to the songs echoed across the streets. The lights were visible from a distance, letting everyone that couldn't hear the noise that a Splatfest was going on.

I had no interest in participating this time, especially since none of my close friends are currently here in Inkopolis. Isabel and Jake had gone with their families as well.

There were some street acts going on and I chuckled, amused at it. "Hey Sarah, check this-" I stopped myself, remembering that she isn't here right now. My amusement went away quickly and my ears drooped down out of disappointment and sadness. I tucked my hands in my pocket, and ended up standing against a wall, boping my head with the music that was being performed by Off The Hook.

"Hey look, it's the stupid Octoling."

Frowning, I came face to face with another inkling, who's face was hard to distinguish due to the mixture of the night and the flashing lights of the Splatfest. "You're dating Sarah aren't you?" The inkling asked, crossing his arms. In a serious tone and giving him a death stare, I scoffed.

"What's it to you?"

"Ha ha. Stop trying to act so tough. You're probably way weaker than you look. Plus Octoling scum like you shouldn't be here in the surface, nor dating an inkling girl." He barked as he grabbed my shirt's collar. "Sarah was supposed to be mine, and I can't believe an idiotic Octoling like you took her from me." Swiftly, I shoved him, making him let go of me and my shirt. "You don't know what you're getting yourself into buddy." I responded in a monotone voice, clearly intimidating this inkling. I continued, "And personally I suggest you shut up before I make you."

"I'd like to see you try." He growled, throwing a punch with full-force right on my eye. I stumbled back, before rebounding back with a swift punch to the gut followed by an uppercut. I could hear him cursing under his breath and holding his hand over his stomach.

"I suggest you go." I said softly, before realizing a couple of inklings taking videos of me.

I looked away quickly and walked away, avoiding anymore confrontation.


I opened the door to the house, walked in and shut the door behind me with a slam. Throwing the keys on the couch, I headed straight to the bathroom and looked at the mirror.

"A bruised eye? Are you kidding me?"

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