Chapter 13

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Back in the boys' apartment, we all piled into the living room settling down on the couches, the boys settling down silently...far too silently. I looked around for a seat but there wasn't any, and I was going to join Hobi oppa and Jiminie on the carpet when an arm tugged me; I turned to see it was Binnie pulling me gently towards him. I smiled at the act, of course he'd be bothered about something like this. He pulled me to sit down on his lap and I went willingly; knowing each other nearly our whole lives made us comfortable with each other on a deeply intimate level, he knew me like he knew himself and I knew him better than I often knew myself.

The gesture was warming and comforting to me, but it seemed to spark something inside the boys. I felt settled and safe in his loose embrace, but I felt piercing stares that prickled uncomfortably at my skin.

Though I knew who was directing the gazes, it didn't make the uneasiness any better, in fact it slightly worsened it. There had been a time when those I had considered close to me had turned their backs on me, when they had joined in the judgement and criticism as though they had never known me. I pressed myself back into Moonbin, as though the physical closeness would somehow mould us together or if I tried hard enough- I could disappear behind him.

Moonbin noticed it and tightened his hold.

JIN POV: I needed answers. And I needed them now. A part of me, a small rational part of me that was still working was telling me that it was possible no...highly likely for them to having shared a past. (Y/N) didn't tell me because it never came up. And I can't control everyone she meets, that's just too much. She has her own life and we've all got to respect that. Pronto.

But that didn't mean I liked the way that guy...Moonbin or the way he was draping himself over (Y/N).

I could feel my protective instincts surging up and raring to take over. And I let them.

"Listen here...hands OFF (Y/N)."

But the guy just smirked at me over her head and pulled her closer to him.

How dare he?!

I could feel the boys glaring, and I didn't know whether they were directed at (Y/N) or Moonbin, but I could tell it was getting to her, she was becoming anxious and fiddling with her fingers.

I realised that the vibes we must be giving off weren't helping her at all. So I cleared my throat purposely and the boys met my eyes, after living together for so long we had managed to understand each other and communicate in a way beyond words, they understood that the look I was giving them clearly said to back off. So they did. For now.

Whilst he wanted to pull (Y/N) away from this unknown man, he could tell from the ease of her posture she seemed content and comfortable and so wasn't at any threat or danger. And they all needed some answers.

"So how did you two meet?" Hobi asked, his voice and posture was joyous and bright, but deep down Jin knew he also harboured some doubt.

"We've been friends since we were three, we used to go the same playgroup and well Binnie liked playing dolls with me, well...dolls in war zones and street fights." (Y/N) amended, that sounded kinda cute...?

"Well, Bibi/BB (your nickname) also stood up to the classroom bully when we were four and told him to find someone else who'd want to play with him. You should've seen her, she's a spitfire this one." Moonbin chuckled.

We looked at him in partial shock, (Y/N)-ah being a spitfire or furious at anyone was something we hadn't seen, she always managed arguments and problems with such a calm manner.

"Why did you call her Bibi/BB?" asked Joon.

"Ahh... should I tell them (Y/N)-ah, should I tell them why?" and she spun around to face Moonbin with shock on her face, before a smirk replaced it. It was a smirk I'd seen too many times on the maknae's face to count. It meant trouble.

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