Chapter 20: Emotional

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A.N. Purposely not doing Sarah's P.O.V...

December 24th

Agent 8's (Mike's) P.O.V:

It was the same thing today, except now I had a bruised eye and holding an ice pack on it all day. Laying around, watching tv, eating, texting and calling Sarah (with still no response in return) and scrolling through social media.

Except other inklings started to post about me and the fight last night.

"Ew! An Octoling and Inkling dating? 🤢"
"What's a beautiful girl like her dating him??"
"I knew this Octoling would cause trouble."
"She must've really lowered her standards.."
"He thinks he's the best at everything he does. 🙄"

And it goes on, and on, and on.

I wanted to yell, break my phone, break something, but ended up throwing my phone onto the other sofa. My face was burning up, and I was just so frustrated about everything.

It's supposed to be "the happiest time of the year" or so I hear. Instead, I got in a fight that I didn't even start, and I got blamed for it. I have other inklings judge me and my relationship online. And I don't even have any family or close friends to talk to. Especially Sarah...

My arm swung off the edge of the couch, as my other held the ice on my face.

God, I need her right now.

I grabbed my phone, and texted and called again and again, hoping to get a response, but to my dismay, I didn't.

That's when I got a message. I jumped happily thinking that Sarah responded, but quickly became disappointed finding out it's Marie.

"Hey Agent 8. Callie and I are on a tour right now. Marina and Pearl are busy with performances, and the rest are with family. We need someone to take care of HQ while we're gone, but everyone else is busy. Are you? We'll pay you double for these two days."

I frowned and my hand clenched my phone tighter.

Part of me wanted to stay home and say no way, but the other part said that I have nothing better to do, and that I might as well get paid. I let out a frustrated sigh and typed.

I'll head over there later this evening.

It was already 5:30 P.M., but it wouldn't get dark until 7 or 8. Might as well head over now. I changed my clothing, and stuffed my Hero Suit in my backpack and headed out.


Upon arriving, I clocked in, put my Hero Suit on and grabbed my Hero Roller and sat down on a bench we have outside, alone.

Marie only wanted me to take care of HQ from evening to the next morning today and tomorrow, I guess I could handle it. I've stayed awake that long before.

11:40 P.M.

From my view, I could see the strobe lights going off in the distance. The bass of the music could be heard from here too.

A breeze came by and knocked my hair to my left. I fixed it back.

I looked down at my lap and interlocked hands fidgeting with each other.

I wonder what it's like to have a family...It must be nice...

Everyone going and leaving to their loved ones made me think about how alone I am right now. The only family I really have is...

Jake, Isabel and...Sarah...But even then I can't be with them right now. They're probably having fun...Hopefully...

The music from the distance continued, and I reached over for my phone right next to me. I checked the lock screen in hope for a message or call in return, but nope. Just an empty screen. Before putting it back, I stopped myself and stared at the lock screen. It was a picture of Sarah and I laughing and smiling. "I miss you so much Sarah...Please come back soon..."

That's when I noticed a droplet on my screen and my vision getting a bit blurry too.

Was I..crying..?

I wiped my eyes, my bruised one more gently, and gulped. Yet the tears slowly continued.

I'm all alone...

The thought was interrupted by a very loud sound coming from the speakers in Inkopolis.

"MERRY SQUIDMAS EVERYONE!!" Followed by fireworks spelling out the phrase.

It was definitely Pearl yelling.

The explosion made me jump and illuminated the dark sky for a moment, but all I did was stare at it sadly.

"Merry Squidmas to me.." I muttered, looking back down, sadly.

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