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tyler sighed.

keelie invited him over.

they haven't talked in like a week in a half. it was driving him crazy not knowing. despite everything. he really did love her.

"going somewhere?" kelly asked when tyler picked up his keys.

"yeah i'm heading over to keelies." tyler said.

"okay baby be careful." she said, cleaning the kitchen.

"i will." he said, heading out the door.

he genuinely didn't know what was gonna happen. was she gonna break up with him or not. was she gonna want to know who the "girl" was. it was a drive full of anxiety.

he pulled up to her house, walking up to the door and letting himself in. keelies sister looked him up and down and rolled her eyes. tyler never knew why but she never like him.

"keelie in her room?" he asked her.

"yes." she replied. tyler walked up the stairs to his girlfriends room.

he knocked slightly before walking in. keelie was sitting at her vanity, touching up her makeup.

it was silent for a while. neither of them speaking.

"keels," tyler sighed.

"what." she said.

"listen, i'm sorry. okay? it was a one time thing." tyler said, running his hand through his hair.

"i just wanna know why." she said, turning to look at him.

"i don't know okay. i genuinely don't know. i've just been worried that you were losing feelings for me, i got drunk and it happened. i didn't even have sex with her."

"what'd you do then?" she said.

"just kissed." he lied. he's been good at lying lately.

"why do you think i've been loosing feelings?" keelie asked. she got up and sat on the bed with him.

"i dunno. i just feel like you havent been as interested in me lately." this wasn't a lie. he didn't mention all the guys she was fucking too.

"tyler. i'm so in love with you. always have been always will be. i don't want you thinking that." she said. tyler knew it was a lie. but he chose to believe her.

"i'm in love with you too." he said. keelie smiled, climbing in his lap and kissing him. tyler didn't like that she tasted sweet and girly unlike josh. josh tasted good. always like mint.

"i missed you." she sighed.

"i missed you more." tyler wrapped his arms around her. good thing keelie couldn't read his mind. he maybe was thinking about the blowjob josh gave him last night.

they sat in silence for a bit, before keelie spoke up.

"don't let that happen again okay?" she said. tyler almost scoffed.

"i won't. promise." he said. it hurt to lie to her. it really did. but he didn't want to fuel the fire. he may not come out alive.

"look. i made you this." she said. she held up a resin keychain thing that had a picture of them in it.

"baby i don't know what to say." tyler grabbed it. "i love it."

believe it or not this was the first thing she's ever made tyler without asking him to buy it.

"good. i worked hard on it." she giggled.

"i love you baby girl." tyler hugged her, kissing her lips.

"i love you tyler. now come here. i missed you." she straddled him. tyler smirked, grabbing her ass.

they ended up doing the do

"god i missed that." keelie breathed heavily, flopping over on her back.

"i missed it so much." tyler said, crossing his arms behind his head. i mean come on it was sex and tyler likes sex.

"i think my parents are almost home." she said, checking her life360. "10 minutes away."

"that means i have 10 more minutes to stare at your boobies." tyler said, keelie giggling as he leaned over and kissed them.

"do you want to stay the night?" she asked.

tyler remembered that josh wasn't staying at their house tonight.

"yeah sure." he smiled.

A/N: yay our favorite duo is back😐

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