Not An Update But Feelings

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I guess there are some true feelings except than love. I don't know why but when it comes to feelings people always nominate love. I am unable to understand the myth behind this concept of people.
Well I myself being single, stay happy having these kinds of feelings.
Have you ever got any of these?

1) Getting a call on 12 A.M. on your b'day.

2) Getting an unexpected call or a message from someone special.

3)When someone younger than you says we want to be like you .

4) When someone says sometimes it's really fun talking to you. (I speak way tooooooo much)

5) When people who did wrong to you finally apologize because of your good behaviour.

6) When you realize you actually have got true friends who just criticise you on face and protects you when you aren't there.

7) When you listen or read to a story and just dive deep into the world of it .

8) When you look at your childhood pics with your family and tease each other on how did we look :p

9) When an *introvert friend* shares her secret.

10) Catching a glance from someone, looking deeply into each others' eyes and feeling like you know them from the past. Like on a bus or a train or in a cafe. The feeling of being connected to them.

11) When you paint, draw, write or create something so beautiful that you cannot stop looking at it.

12) Telling someone how beautiful they look and getting a cute smile in return.

13) Reading a well written passage in a book, putting it down and thinking about it.

14) Conversations that make you laugh uncontrollably.

15) Waking up to rain on Sunday morning.

16) And finally usually it's me who writes for people but , if someone even writes a para for me I love that .

I don't know why I wrote this😊😃!!
Aahhh!! Just like that.
But have you ever got any of these feelings??

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