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THE FOLLOWING DAYS blurred into one, a fast and chaotic sequence of Chase and I  between the beach, David's office and then the sheets

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THE FOLLOWING DAYS blurred into one, a fast and chaotic sequence of Chase and I between the beach, David's office and then the sheets. The days were filled with sunshine and laughter, the evenings of anxiety and stress and the nights of bliss and ecstasy, an easy distraction from the pain inside.

I keep putting off my therapy lesson. I either cancel last minute or just don't show up and call for a rain check. I don't know why I do it, maybe I'm too stressed or maybe it's the fact that I'm fucking terrified. I hate people getting inside my head.

I've only let one person do that. And I fucking broke his heart.

This evening was like all the same. We came home from the beach and even before I could say hello, Xavier was dragging Chase and I into the study to give us a run-down on his phone call with Luke's lawyers.

I must've fallen asleep afterwards because the next thing I knew, I was leaning forward on David's desk, my cheek resting on my folded arms and my ankles crossed under the chair beneath me.

I feel something soft move across my cheek and then again and again, in a slow, caressing manner. It felt nice and my lips tilted up at the sensation. I knew it was a hand; a palm cupping my cheek while the pad of a thumb smoothed across my skin.

My eyes flicker open and I could just make out Chase sitting next to me, his head resting on his propped up hand while his other was stretched towards me, caressing my face. He looked calm and at peace, a faint smile across his lips.

That is...before he realised I was awake.

He withdraws his hand from my face a quick as people fucking Naruto running into Area 51. He folds his arms, leans back into his chair and looks away at the bookshelf on his other side. Since when was book so damn interesting to you, Everett?

He clears his throat and I smirk silently at his clenched jawline as I push up from the desk and glance around.

"How long was I out?" I yawn as I stretch my arms over my head, glancing around the study to see the sun nearing the horizon. The doors to porch were wide open, allowing a pleasant breeze to flow in.

"About thirty minutes." Chase shrugs as he turns back to meet my gaze, "You were snoring."
I scoff as I shove him playfully, "Fuck you Everett, I was not." 

"Xavier thought someone in the house turned on a chainsaw." Chase laughs as I shove him lightly, joining in with his laughter.

"Okay so—" Xavier pauses as he steps through the door to see Chase and I laughing together. He smiles softly as he continues walking towards us, "Awwww, well isn't this cute."

"Was I snoring, Zee?" I question as my gaze follows Xavier around the room and to where he was sitting in front of us. 

"...Yes." He smirks as he holds up his almost pinched thumb and index finger. My mouth opens in offence as Chase starts to chuckle again, "But it was a cute snore!"

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