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(I don't know much about fights like this, so sorry🤣)

Jungkook blasted his power towards Sooshik, but failed as he ran fast.
"Get out of his body, Sooshik!" The white omega yells, his hair and eyes now changing to a color of white. The demon just smirked, the veins that Jungkook saw popping out of his neck and face.
"Get out of my body!" It was Kihyun's voice, he was trying to fight back Sooshik.
"What if I don't want to?" That demon said, using the power of earth to hit Jungkook with rock. Jungkook stopped the rock with his telekinesis, sending it back to Sooshik who dodged it easily.

"Hyungs, you guys need to get out of here!" Jungkook said, his hair and eyes a combination of purple and white. He was trying to protect his mates, barricading them with his force field. He couldn't bare to see them hurt, even if they're alphas, it's because the one they'll be fighting was black omega.
"No, we're not leaving you here, Jungkook!" Jimin shouts back, banging on the barrier that separates them from their mate.
"No, hyungs! Astrid and I got this, you ant fight him back! You guys might get hurt!" The omega says, being pushed back a little.
"But--" Jimin tried to infer again but he saw how his mate looked at him with pleading eyes.

He gave in, nodding to the other alphas.
"Find Mrs and Mr Jeon, tell them to get the pack alpha!" It was Astrid's voice, telling them what to do. They all ran out of the warehouse, meeting Mr and Mrs Jeon on the way.
"Where's Jungkook?!" Mr Jeon says, voice panicky as he didn't saw his son anywhere.
"He said to leave him there, he and Astrid got it. But he said something about the pack alpha, we need to get him" Jin says, eyes still red as he couldn't help but feel Jungkook's pain. All of them could feel it, that's why their eyes were red.

"Well, go get them, you guys go out" Mrs Jeon said, even though she was worried for her son, she still needed to help her husband. The elder alphas ran out, transforming to their wolf form. The six alphas ran out, eyes widening when they saw the wall almost breaking, where Jungkook and Sooshik was fighting. As they continue to watch, the wall suddenly broke and the omegas came out. They were pinning each other, punching and slapping. Yoongi was about to ran to them, being stopped by a barrier. He looks back, seeing their pack alpha who's eyes where a color of deep red, he was growling and his fangs was out.

"Nam Sooshik, stop what you are doing right now!"

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