― seven: parker & henderson

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[ CHAPTER 07 : PARKER & HENDERSON : well, i heard some people talkin' just the other day. and they said you were gonna put me on a shelf. but let me tell you, i got some news for you and you'll soon find out it's true. and then you'll have to eat your lunch all by yourself. 'cause i'm already gone, and i'm feelin' strong. i will sing this vict'ry song.]


          NICOLAS PÉREZ? WHO THE hell, is ? She knows nearly everyone in her town, so how has this Nicolas guy, gone unnoticed to her? He's either new to town, or really under the radar. There's also the thought of him not being in her grade. Possibly a few years below, or a year above. Because, while she's familiar with people in her grade (name wise) she's not as on top of it with the other grade levels. Faces, she knows but names are harder to remember unless she sees them every day. Which means, Nicolas Pérez isn't a frequent in her life and just a passerby.

          But, while the name catches her off guard, the subject matter is even worse. Kiss? As in, actual lip-to-lip action, in front of a whole classroom of twenty something students and one teacher? That, sounds horrifying. She's never kissed anyone before. She's never wanted to kiss anyone. She doesn't even want to date. And when it comes to the topic of kissing, she'd rather leave that to the day she actually begins liking someone. Which, probably, won't be any time soon. That's why these dares are awful for her. Because she's never done anything remotely romantic.

          [ CAMERON ]: Meet me @ the outside staircase.

          Parker throws her phone inside her Michael Kors bag, before shooting her hand into the air. Grabbing the attention of both her teacher, and Leo. Her teacher gestures for her to speak (probably thinking she has something to contribute to the lecture). "Can I have the bathroom pass?" Sighing, her teacher nods, gesturing to the small wooden stick over on the whiteboard near the door.

          The brunette-haired girl nods, as she scurries out of her seat―purse in hand―and takes the pass. She sends an apologetic smile her teacher's way before heading out of the class―Leo's eyes following her the whole time. She ignores him, and brushes it off. Instead focusing on getting to the staircase. It's not easy to find if you don't know what you're looking for.

          From the front entrance of the school, you head straight down the hallway lined with blue and red lockers, at the end―where it splits―head left and go all the way down. Hidden on the right, is a small grey door that takes you outside onto the concrete compound. It's mainly a smoking designated area for teachers. But a few students have gotten caught smoking there, thus it's off bounds at lunch, and can only be used to get to classes faster.

          By the time Parker gets there―steel gray doors closing behind her―Cameron's pacing, and muttering to herself. The doors shut with a bang, jolting the blonde to a stop. Her blue eyes shift over toward the girl, her lips pursed. "Do you know who Nicolas is?" She questions with a lifted eyebrow. Parker slowly shakes her head no as she plants herself on one of the concrete steps―placing the bathroom pass, and her phone, beside her.

          "I don't think he's in my grade." The girl says casually.

          The blonde nods, "That's because, he's in mine," Parker grimaces. Great, a senior. As if guy's in her own grade aren't hard enough to flirt with. She has to flirt with an older guy? "He's a typical jerk―likes pretty thing, and is possessive of them too," Parker frowns. Great, even worse, a jerk of a senior. Why can't she get a nice guy? A guy who reads comic books, and is nervous around girls but has a heart of gold and is somewhat good looking. A guy she can actually like. "He hangs around some girl known as Milk, and a guy known as Liam―and he's very controlling of them. Thankfully, he'll be putty in your hands because of your good looks. This should be easy."

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