Chapter 13

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Austin held me tightly but I really just wanted to be in Theo's hold. I think I have upset him and I don't want to upset daddy.

I did grabby hands towards Theo and finally Austin let go and I ran towards Theo would then cuddled me

"I'm sorry" he whispered into his hands and I smiled at him.

The game continued without Theo, Austin and I. Austin had gone off somewhere and I wish I knew where he went.

After 10 minutes Austin came back with something in his hand. It looked like a bottle full of white stuff, milk I guess.

He sat down next to Theo

"Can I take the princess from you?" I looked up at Theo and he nodded he passed me to Austin so I was lying down

Austin's arm was supporting me, he placed the bottle at my lips which I opened and began drinking the milk

"Elliot hurry up" I looked to my side to see that Elliot was staring at me

I looked up at Austin and I all of a sudden felt really sleepy.


I walked to the kitchen to get Catalina a bottle of milk, she's tired I could see it in I'm hope that she calls us daddy more often.

I walked through to where we were playing the game and I saw her eyes lit up with the milk in my eye.

After she fell a sleep we stopped playing

"Who knew that playing Monopoly would get her into little space" Myles stroked her hair

"Do you think it'll last?" Braxton looked at me

I shrugged my shoulders I really didn't know what she would do next. Would she be the same old Catalina or would she be a little tomorrow.

"I think she needs to go to bed who wants to take her" I looked up at the boys

"I'll take her" Braxton stood up and took Catalina off me.


I walked upstairs with Catalina in my hand. She nicely finished her bottle of milk.

I laid her down in the bed and got in next to her

"Dada" she rolled over nearly off the bed

"Come here I don't think you should be near the edge" I slotted in where she was which meant she was further up the bed.

I grabbed my phone to play on it with the brightness all the way down so I wouldn't disturb her.

About an hour later all the boys came into bed I laid my phone down on the little bed side table and fell a sleep.

I woke up to someone beside me moving, she was getting out of my grip.

"Catalina sweetheart what are you doing" I opened my eyes to see that she was now in the bathroom

She came out of the bathroom looking nervous. I think she might of accidentally peed herself.

I got up out of bed and walked towards the cabinet full of little space things which they provided us with on the first day.

I grabbed the night pull ups and other essentials and walked towards the door so we could go in private.

"I'm sorry" she looked down

"It's perfectly fine Catalina" I pulled her trousers down.

She began to get really unsettled she defiantly didn't like diapers.

"One minute and it'll all be done" she looked at the door and then put her hand in her mouth.

"All done" I put my hands up and with a little help she got up. I held her hand to walk to the bedroom and when we got into the bedroom I could se someone's eyes watching us. It was Austin's of course he was trying to make sure everything was okay

Catalina didn't see him but I did I pointed at her pull ups and he looked at her and slightly smiled. Luckily the pee didn't go onto the sheet but I was defiantly changing it tomorrow.

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