Chapter 23: Apologies and Forgiveness [Part 1 of 3]

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December 26th

Agent 8's (Mike's) P.O.V:

Hit with insomnia, I didn't sleep that night (even though I shouldn't even try to sleep since it's work). I stayed up all night and early morning until I was able to go home.

Walking into the house, and throwing my bag on the couch, I went to my room to change. A comfortable tank top and a pair of sweats will do. It is kinda cold.

I opened my room door, put to charge my phone on my nightstand, and threw myself on the bed, my back facing upwards.

I slept for a good five hours before my body naturally woke me up. And of course,

I still felt restless and tired.

I sat up and rubbed the back of my head tiredly, leaned over and took a look at my phone.

It was 11 A.M. and there were...

10+ messages and 5 missed calls from Sarah from last night. Not long after my phone died. Plus an extra 5 messages and 3 missed calls from this morning at 10.

I've never felt so..conflicted. Part of me was really happy and relieved to have got a response, but the other part was frustrated, confused, disbelieved and upset. I've been texting and calling, worried for her, for three days and didn't get a response. I had to wait three days? Unbelievable...

Sarah wasn't supposed to arrive until later in the afternoon, like 6 or 7 and she was being dropped off here by Isabel again.

Conflicted, I picked up my phone and went on her contact and called.

Agent 3's (Sarah's) P.O.V:

I was sitting on the train back to Inkopolis, and it was going to take a long time to get there. I was in the window seat, staring out into nothing as my chin rested on my hand. The seat to my left was empty, so I had put my bag on it.

I jumped when my phone began to ring in my pocket.

Nervously, I looked at my phone screen to see who called.

"Mike - My Baby ❤️" A picture of him smiling accompanying the name.

I swallowed nervously and my hands began to shake. Then pressed the accept call button.

"H-Hey babe.." I tried to say in the most clear and normal voice I could, but failed.

"Hey." I got in response. He had a touch of bitterness to his voice, which sent chills up my back. I began to choke up and my eyes began to water up as the conversation went on.

"How are you doing, M-Mike?"

"Just great."

He had said that last part in such a bitter tone, that, without even saying anything else, he had already confirmed my thoughts.

There was a moment of tense silence between him and I.

"M-Mike..I' so..s-sorry..." I began to sob on the phone, covering my mouth to try to lessen the sound to not disrupt the other passengers.

"Yea, it's ok."

"I-I'm sorry I ruined everything for you.."

"It's whatever."

I couldn't think of what to say. On my way to Inkopolis, I had been rehearsing and thinking about what to say to apologize, but actually doing it? It was close to impossible. I tensed up to his last response, and I didn't respond out of shame.

"W-Want to t-talk later..?" My voice broke asking the question.

"Sure. I'll see you in a bit."

"Bye babe..I-I love you.."


-End of Call-

I stayed there. Completely frozen. He didn't even say I love you back. But then again..I couldn't have expected him to be happy after I had basically left him alone for the holiday..

I just wish..that..

I wish that I was able to find the right words to say in the moment...

A.N. Two Chapters in One Night :)

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