Chapter 15

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Piling out of the dorm and into the van the next day was a light, refreshing feeling for the boys and (Y/N) alike. With their comeback the boys had had little time to relax and just be themselves; practices had been gruelling and tiring, little time to do much other than sleep. (Y/N) had been working on a new way to gather a larger fanbase and something that would be enjoyable for the boys too and she couldn't wait to tell them. Too bad she needed to be at the company to do it, so here they were driving to BigHit.

I was driving, Yoongi oppa in the passenger seat, having won it through an uncommon sight of sprinting to the van yelling shotgun over his shoulder, the boys had been too shocked a the sight to register what had happened until it was too late. So, in the back, she could see through the rear-view mirror, the sight of a pouty Jin oppa- the maknaes and the 94 line having cheered up easily when she turned the radio on.

The weather was perfect too. There was a nice cool breeze, clouds in the blue sky and the sun just peeping through. Not too hold, nor too cold. Perfect. The window was open, and the cool breeze ran through my hair tussling it gently, and I felt at peace.

On the way to BigHit, after I had turned at the intersection, I noticed a black SUV tailgating our van too closely, I shrugged it off and increased the distance between us keeping a safe gap between us. However, the car increased its speed and closed the gap again- I frowned at the reckless driving and tried to express my thoughts through my eyes as I glared at the interior rear-view mirror before my eyes widened, involuntarily. The person driving it was a masked figure, that wasn't uncommon to see in South Korea but when my eyes caught on the registration plate, I realised it was the same vehicle reported by witnesses for Lia's accident but also the car that had tried to run me over a while back.

We were being followed. And by the expression in the figure's eyes, they'd realised I had caught on and just mockingly waved their hand at me. My grip on the steering wheel tightened, I had to get the boys to the company safely, they weren't at fault nor involved so why on earth should they be dragged into my mess.

Forgoing a warning, I jerked the steering wheel to the right, the car's sudden jerk sending the boys toppling into one another and letting out shouts of alarm. Yoongi oppa who had been peacefully napping with his headphones around his ears jerked awake and swore.

I had to lose this tail, I needed to get them away from this all, the SUV followed- also drifting into the lane behind me.

My knuckles were white as I gripped the steering wheel furiously.

"Hold on." was all I got out before I started cutting through traffic and interweaving through stationary cars, desperate to get off the main road as quickly as possible.

The SUV was following, at a slower pace now, but still following. Noticing that the light was soon going to turn red, I sped through just as it turned amber, the SUV forced to stop as the cars from the opposite side and side roads began driving.

Just as I turned into a sideroad, so as to use the inner roads to get there, I saw the figure thump at the steering wheel furiously clearly having not anticipated it. I smiled, but it was tight and grim. The traffic light would open soon, but I needed to be gone long before then.

Even though I stuck to the inner roads, I made sure to keep changing courses as I drove, using shortcuts not many were familiar too whilst being highly conscious of the vehicles around me, highly alert should the SUV appear.

The boys hadn't spoke yet, their hands gripping tight onto each other and anything to strongly grasp onto. Yoongi oppa was sitting up, mouth drawn tightly, and I could feel the tenseness rolling off him in waves.

The rest of the journey was silent and tense, but I didn't blame the boys- I couldn't exactly comment on the ambience when I myself hadn't let the tightness leave my body. My body was thrumming with pent up energy and nerves, my subconscious niggling at my mind that it was a matter of time before the SUV caught up to me again.

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