Chapter 14

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I woke up with Catalina cuddled into me I placed my hand on her diaper just to make sure she hasn't spoiled it yet which she hasn't.

"Family meeting" Elliot said from the door I noticed it was only Catalina and I in bed

I gently got out of bed because I didn't want to disturb here. I didn't know if I she would still be in little space.

I walked downstairs to see Theo, Elliot and Myles on the sofa while Austin was standing against the wall with an coffee in his hand

"Nice of you to join us" Myles smirked as I got closer to them

"Well I was up late" I shrugged I clearly wasn't in the mood for games

"Does everyone know how to even change a diaper?" I asked and made my way to the kitchen

"Yeah" Elliot put his hand up

"How?" Austin asked

"Little sister" he rolled his eyes.

Austin walked towards the draw full of little space things and pulled out a diaper and a fake baby.

Austin got down and tried to do it but flipped the fake baby in fraustration

"All agree that Austin's banned from changing fake baby" we all put our hands out as a joke

I walked over to Austin and flipped the fake baby over and then demonstrated to him how to do it, finally after multiple attempts he did it.

I could hear little footsteps coming downstairs.

Little Catalina in her cute oversized t-shirt and diaper

"Dada" she walked towards Elliot and hugged him until he lifted her up

I walked towards her and placed my hands on her diaper to see if it was wet which it was

"Do you need a diaper change?" She hid her face into Elliot

"I'll go change her" he walked upstairs with her clinging to him like a monkey

I sat down with my coffee that I made next to Austin who was playing with a ring on his thumb.

"What's up Austin?" I asked him it wasn't like himself to not take charge

He shrugged and walked through to where Elliot was changing Catalina

"Elliot do it slowly so Austin can watch" Austin was still new to all of this I doubt he'd be able to change Catalina.

Elliot moved around to show Austin what he was doing

Catalina slightly moved her legs closed which Elliot moved them back

"Dada?" Catalina looked up at Elliot

"It's okay darling Austin wants to see what I'm doing" Catalina looked at Austin

"All doneee" Elliot picked up Catalina

"Breakfast?" I said and Catalina's face picked up

"Breakfast" she excitingly repeated

We all got changed and headed for the cafeteria.

We walked into the very loud cafeteria and walked to our table. The table is reserved for us because it's the only one to sit us all.

"let's go and get you some food" Myles picked her up and took her to the line.


I walked to the end of the line, I heard a slight sign and I looked to see that she wasn't happy with the queue.

"good girls wait. Are you a good girl?" She nodded her head

I set her down as we got closer.


"Is that Austin's bitch this year?" I heard behind me

Ugh what the frick. I looked behind me and saw two men looking down at me in disgust

"H-hi" I hid into daddy's leg

"She's a little? That's weird" he crouched down and smiled at me

"Angel what do you want?" I looked forward to see all the nice food. Ice cream. I want ice cream.

"Ice cream pwease" Myles and the two guys laughed

What? Why are they laughing I want ice cream

"Catalina it's 10am. Can we have some eggs please" I pouted and felt a little slap on the butt

I don't want to be in this like any longer, I looked up at daddy to see he was distracted and walked away.

Hey it's that guy that stays in the corner all day. I walked up to his table where his daddy was telling him off for something

"Hi Leon" I smiled

"Who is this?" The man said

"Catalina" he looked up at me

"I'm Leon's friend" I smiled and sat next to Leon

"I thought you didn't have any friends Leon" Leon shrugged


I watched as Catalina sat down next to the two men

"For fuck sake what is she doing" Austin looked at me confused and then the direction I was looking

"I'll go get her"Austin sighed and got up

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