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The almost auburn hair girl

walks at a steady pace careful not to let Princess go.

Well princess to her, on the other had
Jerry called her "petit bébé".

Which with the help of a little
google translate
it means  "Little baby."

The name was fine, cute at the most, but after 3 months of "little baby" the words didn't quite fit the
same to Anne.

Anne got a call from Jerry, once again,
which interrupted her playlist.

"Yes Jerry?"

"Anne! I have to go out somewhere, can you pretty please just watch "
petit bébé for me."

Though she hated the nickname, and held something against her brother for making her watch Princess, she didn't mind.

She felt Princess
was a
wonderful acquaintance.


She shut off her phone and went to her playlist.

Prom Queen came flashing on her screen.

She sighed and slipped her phone back in her pocket.

She looked down at the fluffy caramel Pomeranian.

Why do you have to look so damn cute?

The sun flickered into her eyes,
a sudden memory dashes into her mind.

I hit Gilbert Blythe.

She felt herself quiver, letting slightly loose of the bright green leash, just enough for Princess to let loose.

She watched as Princess bolted at a slight of a flashing car.


She checked every street on

She saw a dark figure with-



She ran towards the dark shadowy outline, soon realizing it was someone familiar.

Was this?
Gilbert Blythe?

The same one from yesterday ?


She glanced back rubbing her eyes.

She saw him play with Princess.

His eyes lit up as he tickled

He eventually looked up and saw Anne staring right back.

Princess also spotted Anne and leaped our of Gilbert's arms.

She gracefully catches Princess.

She looked as if she was one of those gracefully swans in lakes of shinning water, well if swan were
red and we're interested in the boy that stood in front of her.

This meeting with the curly haired boy was like any other but,
this time
she wasn't scared.

Actually she had a big smirk on her face, for she learned Blythe's one's secret.

He's soft.
And she knew it, the way he looked at Princess.

"Lost your dog I see?"

"Lost your badass touch I see?"

He almost chokes up at the words,
Key word here,

"I have no idea what your talking about."

His words becoming less confident.

"Don't worry, I won't tell people you have a heart."

With a smirk she walks away.

She was proud and so much more.

Not that she was cocky or sly on any shape of form, she was just

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