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"Oh, if isn't my brother, Nam Chanyeol (I just changed his last name, but it's Chanyeol of EXO 🤣)" Sooshik says, hands still pinning Jungkook against the ground.
"Let go of the omega" The pack alpha said, eyes still in a color of deep red.
"What if I don't want to? You don't have anything to do here, it's me and his fight so go away!" The demon yells out, glaring back at Jungkook and then started choking him. The white omega choked the demon back, pushing him away with the use of telekinesis.
"I should be the only powerful one here in the world!" Sooshik says, trees was being burned as he uses his fire power.

"Get out of the poor boy's body! He's already suffering because of you! You killed his parents!" Chanyeol shouts at his brother, running to the fighting omegas but failing as his brother pushed him back.
"I said get out of my body!" It was Kihyun, he was really trying to fight back. Jungkook hits the demon thunder, sending him to the floor.
"You fucker!-- Jungkook! Continue! --Ahhh!!!" Sooshik and Kihyun's voice was being combined, they were fighting eachother. The white omega stared at the black omega with guilty expression before hitting him again with thunder. Sooshik continues to scream, while Kihyun continues to fight him. As this goes on, Kihyun managed to get the demon out. He passes out on the ground, exhausted by the events.

Sooshik comes out of Kihyun's body in a black smoke, it circling something on the ground. The black smoke disappeared and a guy with yellow eyes was seen.
"You guys thought you could make me go away? Wrong!" It was Sooshik, he was laughing maniacally as he ran to Jungkook. The white omega didn't have enough time to comprehend, and felt the demon on his back. Sooshik was now behind the white omega, a knife now on his hand.
"Jungkook!" Mrs Jeon yells, terrified of what's going to happen next.
"Huh? What if I do this?" Sooshik says, pretending to stab the omega but laughing after as he saw the other alphas terrified face.

"I'm getting bored of this, I'm going back to hell" He says and stabbed the younger. Jungkook's eyes widened, he fell to the ground and cupped his stomach that's already flowing out with blood.
"Jungkook!!" All of his mates, the pack alpha and his parents shouted, running to him. Chanyeol managed to catch Sooshik, choking the demon.
"You are banished to this pack and you would never get back!" The pack alpha shouted, using his claws to scratch the demon as a mark that he could never go back to the pack.

Jungkook's eyes started dropping, looking at the people that surrounds him. He couldn't hear, a loud ringing was the only thing he could.

"Baby, just open your eyes! Don't close it!"

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