chapter 5

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Here you go...

Tooba's p.o.v

I opened my eyes with sharp pain in my both arms.
Green walls..
Its not my room.
Where am I?
The door opened with a thud and I saw a handsome man may be of mid 20s.
I sat straight on bed straightening my duppata on head.
"Ahmm.. Salam."
"Walikum salaam. Who are you?"
"I am Yusha Aazam."
"Where am I? Can you please tell me?"
"Sorry.. Its not my place to tell you."
"Its OK. Can you tell me how's my dad? He.. He was shoot!"
"Yeah I remember. He is alright now. He is in our hospital and our best doctors are treating him."
"Thanku ALLAH g. You are the best."
Tears started beaming in my eyes.
Yusha turned to move but I stopped him.
"Ahmm.. Yusha Bhai!"
He turned in a mere second with shock written on his face.
"What ..did call me?
He asked hesitantly.
" Yusha Bhai. If that's OK with you can I call you bhai?"
He starred at me for some time and said
"Yeah I don't have any problem. Call me whatever you want!"
And passed me a genuine smile.
"Actually I want to ask what time it is? I don't have my mobile and there is no watch here in this room."
I asked him looking here and there.
"It's OK. Its 7:30 in evening."
He said glancing on his watch.
My eyes grew wide.

I was sleeping for almost 9 hours!

"OK I am going. If you need anything just tell me."
He patted my head and went away with a genuine smile.
I feel so brotherly with him.

Brother! Oh yeah my brother. Arsalan and Noor Bhabhi will be back soon from their honeymoon. Oh crap! What will they think?

Gosh! I want my phone. I want to talk to my family my friends.

I hold my head in my hands. Just then I heard screeching sound of car from garden and went to window. Yeah! There is one huge glass window in this room.I didn't get the time to examine the room in detail but this window is quite huge and eye-catching.
There I saw a black Hilux entering.

Why their every car is black in color?

Who cares. I turned but soon felt someone's burning gaze upon me and again turned towards the window and saw two black masked men in black t-shirts with black jeans and black fouji boats. Not to forget that they were also wearing black caps and black gloves came out of the car. Guard locked the gates behind, took their weapons from them but one of them refused to give his gun.
Guards made way for them to move inside.

Mean they are someone senior! That's why they are getting this much protocol.

One of them was looking at me with strange emotions in his eyes.
I ignored him and started checking out the other one.

Well man! One thing to say is that  they all are quite handsome and hot. What! Truth should be told na.
It will be a lot of fun if my friends were here.

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