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Y/n's POV

I can't comprehend what just happened. Everything was going fine until Jimin opened his mouth.

The tears couldn't stop flowing down my face. I was so happy with Hoseok. So freaking happy.

I walked outside the bighit building and down the stairs that lead up to the entrance. It was pretty much dark outside and my shadow casted to my left.

I sat down on the cement wall that sectioned off the plants from the sidewalk and immediately my face fell into my hands.

"What have I done?!" I screamed into the open air. I was so frustrated that falling into a hole to never return sounded like heaven. My sobs grew violent and I brought my hands down to my bare thighs, scratching them unconsciously.

I hate myself. I hate myself so much. I ruined people's lives.

In the midst of my breakdown, realization hit me. He's never going to be the sunshine of BTS again.

I stood up quickly and stared at the entrance of the building, considering walking in.

I scoffed. Why would I even consider walking in and messing things up even more?

I sat back down and watched as my scratch marks started to bleed slightly. I was so angry at myself it was ridiculous.

Suddenly, the door swung open, scaring me out of my trance. I look up and almost collapsed right there.

It was Hoseok.

And a bunch of bags with him.

He looked at me, eyes widening slightly. He stepped back, but then tilted his head.

"Y/n? What happened?"

I stood up and covered my mouth as if it would stop the sobs that escaped me.

"What...what are you doing?" I hesitantly walked over. "Why do you have a bunch of bags?"

He looked down and bit his lip as I approached him. Finally close to him, I studied his face.

My heart dropped when I found the answer. "No...don't tell me you quit?"

He nodded, still silent.

"Oh my God..." I stepped back. "No no no! Please tell me you're joking?"

He shook his head. "I quit."

I took another step back, not realizing how close we were to the stairs, and slipped.

The last thing I remembered before I blacked out was Hoseok's panicked face as he attempted to catch me.

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