Chapter 3: the one where bff meets & Chris meets Sophia's bf

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Emily's P.O.V

What???! In first meeting itself he is asking to join for lunch.. And it is so unprofessional. I really don't understand men. What they really want? Gods knows.

I called my bff Lexi to meet me up for lunch at ' The Modern'.

I went there and sat waiting for Lexi and started to think about Christopher, unknowingly.

Just then Lexi came and sat opposite to me with a broad smile on her face. Lexi and I met when we were in elementary school. Since then we were inseperable. To know more about her she is a Victoria Secret model. She is really pretty and a brunette.

"Hey!! Wassup? You called me here so urgently. Dont tell me you are pregnant! Ofcourse I will be happy but problem is you dont even have a boyfriend so did you have...." Lexi started her rant.

"Lexiiii stop!! No one is pregnant, can't I meet my best friend just like that?"
I stopped her rant and asked her with a puppy face.

"Ohh who are you fooling Em. I know you better that you do. Now spill the tea Em." She demanded.

I narrated the whole Christopher thing to her.

To say she was shocked would be understatement. She kept her mouth open for the whole time I was narrating her.

"Are you freaking nuts???? You turned down the lunch invitation of THE CHRISTOPHER KNIGHT!! What kind of girl are you?"
She said so loudly that now whole cafe knows that Christopher invited me for lunch.

Gosh its so embarrasing.

"Speak quietly..everyone is listening. And btw who is he? President or what?" I said to her.

"He is single, handsome, rich. What else do you need girl?" Lexi reasoned.

"Ohh shut up Lexi. There is some thing called feelings which include trust, loyalty,.."

"Okay okay Em. Leave that. Shall we order?" She said changing the topic for which I was grateful.

Chris's P.O.V

Whole day I was so engulfed in Emily, I coudnt work properly. But then I kept it aside and went home. Tonight Sophia's boyfriend was coming for dinner. It even sounded so weird. My baby sister's boyfriend!

As I entered the house, mom and dad were sitting talking about something. I was about to speak to them but our attention went to staircase.

There stood my little sister looking so beautiful wearing black dress with her brown curls open.

She quickly came towards me and hugged me and said, "Chris thankyou for letting Ryan come tonight. Your approval means the most."

"Ofcourse I had to let him come to check whether he is capable of handling you." I said while hugging her.

Just then the doorbell rang.

Sophia went running fo open the door and came back with Ryan I suppose beside her wrapping his hands around her waist.

Brave man, huh!

"Hello Mr Knight! I am Ryan, Sophia's boyfriend. Nice to meet you." He said.

"I wish I could say the same thing." I mutterd. But Sophia heard it and narrowed her eyes towards me.

"Hi. Glad to meet you, Ryan. Come on in."

After that we had dinner where I found that Ryan wants to become director. He has an elder brother. His parents died in accident when he was small.

"Hurt Sophia in anyway, I would make sure you wont see the next daylight." I warned him.

"Chris!!" My sister hissed.

"What Sophia? I am your big brother. I am supposed to do this." I said.

"Yes Mr. Knight. I will always take care of Sophia." Ryan said though a bit shaken by my warning.

He left after that.


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