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The curly haired boy sat
anxiously as he waited for his
rather fond of desk buddy
per say.

"The one and only badass Gilberilbert Blythe is..."
The redhead dramatically drum rolls.


"Ha ha ha, very funny Carrots."
His expression ending flat,
like a balloon
that ran out of helium.

"I still have that book don't try me! Also didn't know you were a dog lover.."

He held his hands up in the air.

"And also, shut up, we don't talk about that."

She smirked,
"Alright fine Blythe, I'll give you a pass."

He swallowed the
he didn't know he had.

He quickly pull out his phone and clicked on his playlist to get his mind on something either than
the bold redhead.

"What ya got there Blythe?"

Her head curiously turning from her
Latest book,
This being pride and prejudice
Which is a pretty big deal in Anne's book.

"Uh... my playlist?"

"You know you could in get in trouble, after all-"

He listened relentlessly as she when on and on.

He shoved his ear bud in Anne's hand and instantly turned around.

"Just shut up and listen,


He felt careful relief.

He switched it to the best song on his playlist.

Wonderwall by Oasis

He watched as Anne tapped her foot, and hummed the lyrics.

God, if she didn't ramble, she would actually be kinda cute right now...


Fuck, no.

What's wrong with my damn head?

Credit: Jessi7487  for the song

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