Chapter 4: the one where family bugs

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Emily's P.O.V

"Hey Anna, wassup sista?" I asked while entering home.

Anna is my little sister. She is in her university. She is very much into her studies. Well she wishes to become doctor one day. Anna just like me is a blonde, she has green eyes, she is little short than me.

"Hi Em. Mom and dad are eagerly waiting for you at the dinner table." She said.

"Oh! Lets go then." I said while thinking what mom and dad have to talk about.

"Hi mom, dad. Dad, how are you feeling? Did you take medicines?" I asked.

" Yes sweetheart. I am feeling good now. Come sit, we need to speak about something." My dad said.

"Whats it dad, you are scaring me!"

"Emily, we want you to get married. I know you dont have a boyfriend right now. Thats why I have set a meeting with a boy for you tommorow for lunch. Just meet the guy once. Darling I know what happened with you in college is hard to forget. But you have to move on child. Please for us Emily."
My mom said worry and care evident in her eyes.

"If everything is fixed then why to ask me, huh? Mom and dad you know I cant get on with these things. Guys just want either money or just girls for hookups." I said gritting my teeth.

"No Em. Every gus isn't the same. And this guy is son of friend of mine. Oh infact you met him today... Christopher Knight." Mom said happily.

"What?!!! Christopher Knight, are you serious mom!! Today I met him professionally and tommorow you want me to meet him for arranged marriage? It is so embarrasing." I groaned.

"Please Emily meet him for us. We want to see you happily married my child." My dad pleaded.

"Okay fine tell them I will meet him. But no any future expectations. Is that clear?" I strictly said to them.

Mom dad nodded.

I went to my room , I was damn tired and sleepy.

"Aha aha, date with Christopher Knight and all huh?! Lucky bitch.." Anna cheered.

"Shut up Anna and go to sleep." I threw a pillow at her face.

Chris's P.O.V

"So did you like Ryan?" Sophia asked hoping to listen to some positive reaction.

"He is good, better than I expected."

" Ohh I told you. Ryan is so amazing. He takes care of me just like you do. He really understands me." Sophia said thinking dreamily about Ryan.

"Good to hear that. Okay now goodnight mom, dad and Soph."

"Son you have meeting with that girl tommorow." mom said.

"Yes mom. I remember." I said with least interest on my face.

I came back from hot shower. Changed into trackpants and tshirt, was about to reply to some mails when Sophia barged in my room.

"Isn't she so beautiful big bro!! She is blonde and she is very tall too." Sophia said while looking at her mobile.

With all description she gave, I could only imagine Emily in mind, and I smiled unconsiously.

"Already blushing, without even seeing her!!" Sophia exclaimed.

"Shut up. Show me the photo." I demanded.

When I had a look at the pic, I got shock of my life.


" How do you know her name?" Sophia asked.

"She came for the meeting today at office. She is quite smart. She has great knowledge of corporate." I said while admiring her picture.

"You are already whipped, Chris." My little sis joked and left my room.

I laid on my bed, thinking about Emily. What will happen tommorow? With all thoughts on my mind, slowly sleep engulfed me.


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