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A few years later...

Sooshik banished from the pack, and he would never be able to go back. Kihyun and Jungkook became friends again, even doing the things they did when they were younger. Him and mates also had six pups, each resembling their father.

The family was at the grocery store, and you could say it isn't going well.
"Yuna! Come back here, young lady!" Jungkook yells, glaring at Yoongi's daughter.
"Hey Namsuk! Don't touch that! Hyung, your son is gonna break th--" The omega cuts himself off, seeing the two who basically broke a cart together.
"Minjung, Hoshik, Seokmin, Taeshin, come back here! Hyungs, carry your children!" Jungkook says, frustrated. The six saw how the omegas hair was changing to a color of red, so they immediately carried the six children.

"Dada, why is Mommy's hair red?" Jin's son asks, the father shushing him.
"Shh, Mommy's mad right now, you shouldn't of have ran off" Jin says, biting his lips. All of them saw how Jungkook is when he's mad, so this is scaring them.
"Daddy, look, Mommy's eyes are red" Minjung, Jimin's daughter says, pointing at her mother. Her father puts her hand down, telling her to not do it. Jungkook took a deep breath, hair and eyes slowly going back to its natural color.

"Let's continue shopping" The omega says, pushing the cart and turning his back to his mates. They all sighed, happy that the younger didn't struck them with something.

"You six, clean this living room" Jungkook says, passing them some cleaning tools. The six alphas stared at him, nodding as the younger glared at them.
"Boys and girls, go to your playroom!" Jungkook yells, the six children running upstairs and going to their playroom.
"I'm gonna go and sleep" The omega says, also going upstairs and to their room. The six started to clean, sighing.
"Heard that" It was Jungkook, mindlinking them about the sighs. Their eyes widened, quickly doing their work.

(Well guys, this is the end 😆

Don't worry, I'm gonna keep my promise

-Ggukie-nim out!💜)

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