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Sophie sighed and threw her head back, leaning it against calla's tree. The pile of books and papers around her seemed like a mound she was buried in, and she couldn't get out. Even with her hour of study hall each day she couldn't seem to catch up on her missing work, and she just kept getting more she got behind. She closed her eyes for a second, taking a deep breath.
"Whatcha reading there?" A voice asked next to her, making her jump. She opened her eyes to see Keefe sitting next to her, looking over her shoulder at the book on her lap
"The universe homework. It's a stupid worksheet" she showed it to him, flipping it over to show she only had half of it done
"Ooh, I remember that!" Keefe said, studying it a little further. "I still remember the answers, too. I could help you, if you want"
"Oh, Keefe you're the best! Thank you" Sophie threw her arms around his shoulders, hugging him tight. He froze for a second before hugging her back.

"Ok, done!" Sophie slammed the book shut in front of her with a satisfying snap, adding it to the neat pile they had made of all the homework she had completed "I never would have finished it without you" she told Keefe, standing up and stretching
"Yeah you would have. You're the amazing miss F. You would've found a way" he assured her. She blushed, sitting back down. It was only noon, and it felt like a perfect summers day. The sky was blue and cloudless, a warm breeze rustling callas tree and making the flowers shimmer and change colors.
"Maybe, but it would have taken super long" She told him, knowing to was true
"I try when I can. I'm just awesome like that" Keefe joked
"Well, there's no doubt you're awesome" Sophie agreed, blushing slightly
"I'M SICK OF IT!" Ro yelled, stepping out from her place in the shadows, stomping her foot like a mad child throwing a temper tantrum
"What?" Sophie asked, very startled at the sudden scream. Keefe looked at his body guard, suspicious
"I'm sick of the stupid joke flirting! I'm done! Sophie, Keefe's in love with you! Insanely in love. Has been from the moment I met him, but he's too much of a wimp to say anything! You're obliviousness was cute, it really was, but it wore off quick. Just date already! With all the blush blush it's pretty obvious you like him too" Ro went off, speaking quickly and loudly.
"...Keefe?" Sophie asked softly, utterly lost on what to do
"Don't worry Sophie. I'll explain, but first I have TO KILL HER" Keefe lunged at Ro like a wild animal, sudden enough go to actually knock the princess off her feet. He grabbed a dagger from her belt immediately, obviously trying to inflict some serious damage. And that was when, as Sophie looked at them, scared, she realized this totally isn't cannon and it's April fools y'all. Did I get ya? Hehe, I'm evil. Don't worry, you'll get another -real- chapter soon. It may or may not have the same 100 words or so at the beginning, maybe because I like the way they turned out, maybe cause I'm lazy. You'll never know.

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