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The ocean eyed girl took the tickets from the lady in the booth.

The lady in the booth wasn't the usual person working there, not that she went there often, but she looked young, at least young enough to be eyeing Gilbert.

"Have a good day!"

"You too..."

The curly haired boy walked around and started walking towards a ride.

"Can you tell me why were at an amusement park? And you better pay me back for those tickets!"

"I will, I will Freckles."

"Shut up, and also, the girl at the booth was totally eyeing you."

She jokingly said as she and him got in line for 'Stomach Tearer' which actually sounded like hell, not that she would complain.

"Whatever, she's not my type anyways."

"Ooo little soft Gilly has a type."

"Touché and that's none of your business!"

He and Anne got on the ride.


"Ok, I'll say it, that ride actually went to hell and back."

The redhead held herself as she and him walked out of the gift shop.

"Aw, come on, it wasn't that bad, plus I bought the photos so it's not like you'll forget it anytime soon!"

"Oh shut up!"
She attempted to grab the photo, but the taller boy quickly pulled it away.

"Nope, nice try."

"Fuck you Gilbert Blythe!"

"I like you too carrots."

"Oh your dead-"

She stoped walking on the path they were on.

She caught a glimpse of blue bow on a dark Raven hair girl. She was little, but she reminded Anne of someone..

"What's wrong?"

The redhead was hunched over with her hands in her stomach.

"What's that? Actually

"Shut up and tell me what's going on."
He started walking closer to her.

"I feel like throwing up..."
She mumbles.

"Come on, let's sit over there."

They both sat down.

They sat in silence.

"Do you feel any better?"

He says inches apart from her.

"Not really, I think I just have to close my eyes."

He rolls his eyes and
puts her head on
his shoulder.

"Just shut up and get better."

She smiles and adjusted her head on his shoulder.

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