Chapter 26: Forget Everyone Else

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The Next Day...

Agent 8's (Mike's) P.O.V:

It was early in the afternoon, and what was I doing? Just eating a cup of instant noodles in the dining room, casually watching some videos on my phone. Sarah had gone out with Isabel and the rest of her friend group so I wasn't exactly worried about her safety. My eye was healing too, so that was an upside as well.

My mind still lingered on what we did yesterday, and couldn't believe that we had gone and did that. "She really did make it up.." I closed my eyes and chuckled to myself, trying to reimagine that moment.

I threw the styrofoam cup out to the garbage and put the spoon in the sink to wash later after I had finished.

Playing a bit of video games for a bit didn't seem like a bad idea, so I decided to go to my room and do exactly that. Sitting down on my bed and putting on my headset, after turning on the console, I prepared to play. Though was quickly done after hearing the front door open and close.

I perked up from the sudden noise, curious as to whether or not it was Sarah or just some random intruder that waltzed in here. I adjusted my hair and walked out the door, being greeted by an adorable inkling that just so happened to be Sarah. My smile widened as she gave me her signature smile. "Mike!" She exclaimed jumping into my arms as she turned into her squid form. I caught her as I exclaimed back, "Sarah!"

I looked down at her in my arms, but her expression seemed to have saddened. She hasn't been talking about anything that had happened when she went out even though she normally did. Something was off...

"Hey, is something the matter..?" I asked worryingly. Her eyes widened in surprise as if she had never heard me speak before. "It's fine babe." She smiled sweetly, jumping back out of my arms and turning unto her inkling form. "I'm fine." I stared at her with a worried expression. Even though Sarah said she was fine and smiling, I could tell something was bothering her or on her mind. "I just need to be alone for a bit." Sarah stated as she headed towards her bedroom door.

I stood there, not knowing what to say exactly. So I let her go in. Maybe she wanted space? Did something I shouldn't have had..? Was it me or not? Or maybe something else is bothering her.. I shook my head, telling myself that overthinking right now would not be the best option. To find out what the problem was and to help her fix it was the best option.

Puzzled, I walked towards the door Sarah had shut and put my ear up against it. I didn't hear anything. No music, no movies, no tv, no page flipping or phone clicking could be heard, which was odd. She normally had at least one of those things going on. Even yesterday she had the tv on and music playing, so something was definitely wrong. "Hey baby? Can I come in?" I knocked.


I opened the door and walked in, not knowing what to expect. Sarah laid there on her side, facing the wall and seemingly lost in her thoughts. My worry only grew, so I approached her. I sat down at the foot at the bed and asked once more, staring at the wall, "C'mon Sarah..You can tell me what's wrong."

She peered at me, still laying down, and sat up afterwards. Sarah then scooted over closer to me as I wrapped one of my arms around her waist. "Tell me what's wrong.." I whispered calmly and invitingly.

"I-It's just that..I've been told lots of.." She hesitated, though her voice was shaky. "..harsh things.." Her head now rested on my shoulder.

"What were you told..?"

"I was scolded..? For being a disgrace to inklings..for dating "an octoling scum"..A-And they were saying some pretty awful things about you too.." She stopped for a moment, trying her best not to cry. I rubbed her shoulder and pulled her closer. "They were saying how you think you're all that and how greedy and intrusive you are. When you're not. Other inklings were telling me how our relationship was disgusting, putrid, and that an octoling and inkling shouldn't date. They were saying things like how we're not cute, that we need to stop thinking like we're the sh*t and all that.." By the end of her little speech, she had already begun crying.

I did my best to reassure her and comfort her. Pulling and hugging her closer and kissing her. Telling her it's ok. Just anything to cheer her up.

"Look Sarah. If I was there I would have surely got in a fight with whoever had said that. But you know what I think?"

She peered up at me, her beautiful green eyes wide open, with tears at the edge of them. I moved my hand up and fixed her hair. "*W-What..?" Sarah sniffled.

"I think that, other inkling's opinions on me, you, and us are worthless. I know who I am and who you are. I don't need anyone else to tell me otherwise honestly. I just simply don't care about those inklings that tell you or me untruths. It's our relationship. No one else's opinion on it matters. Because as long as I have you by my side, I can get through just about anything. Don't let anyone else bring you or us down. I know you're a perfect girl Sarah, I really do~ And you can either believe the guy you love so dearly, or the other inklings that keep saying these things to us. It's your choice. I've already made mine. I'm keeping you by my side, and loving you through everything. I'm not letting anyone else's voice change my perspective on you. Because you're mine."

Agent 3's (Sarah's) P.O.V:

I stared into his enchanting crimson red eyes as he said those words to me. He's literally the sweetest guy I've ever met and certainly perfect. And honestly, I couldn't have asked for a better boyfriend. I felt my eyes water even more, but instead of sad tears, they were replaced with happy ones. My smile widened as I threw my arms around his neck, me now sitting on his lap. He gave me a sincere smile and kissed my forehead. I burrowed my face into his neck.

"How did I get so lucky?" I laughed weirdly, since the crying messed up my voice a bit. He chuckled in response.

I pulled away for a moment and let myself get lost in his eyes once more.

"So what's it going to be Sarah? Their words or mine?" Mike smiled.

I grinned back, happy tears still streaming down my face. "Yours."

Our lips locked together once more, both of us happy that we were able to get through it. He had his hands on my hips, with one of mine cupping his face and the other wrapped around his neck still.

We were both content with the make out that we were having now, and without realizing it, I was now on top of him with him laying down on my bed.

"It's funny..How someone can do so much damage in seconds..but the right person can heal all of your injuries in seconds too.."

Our make out intensified again, just like yesterday.

We broke the kiss after a couple of minutes, and I looked at him with a huge smile. "Accompany me as I eat?" I whispered, satisfied with the kiss.

"Sure~" Mike laughed, making the butterflies in my stomach intensify.

And with that, we got up, and headed to the kitchen to get some food.

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