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"josh you don't understand i would literally rather stick my dick in the tip of a machine gun and let someone hold the trigger down until the bullets are gone than eat potato soup." zack said, making uncomfortable eye contact with josh through the whole statement.

"zack. all i asked was if you liked potato soup." josh replied.

"well, you got my answer." zack said. josh paused for a moment before bursting out laughing with the boy.

"so it's clear, i'll ask mom to make potato soup tonight." josh nodded.

"as long as you have a machine gun." zack shrugged.

zack was spending the night with josh tonight, just for fun. he had been there for over an hour already.

"hey buddy." josh said as jordan walked in the door.

"ugh. hey." he huffed.

"what's wrong?" josh chuckled.

"ashley- ashley she, ashley ate my COOKIE." he stomped.

"woah. woah no way. she did?" zack said.

"yes! all of it! i didn't even get a bite!" jordan said. before they could answer he ran back out the door.

"okay interesting." josh laughed.

"guess what?" zack asked.


"i am going on a date with presleyyyy." zack bragged.

"no way. bro no way!" josh gasped. presley was just a girl from another school who've they've always had a crush on.

"yeah. legit. we're going saturday. i'm taking her mini golfing and go karts and stuff." zack said.

"ugh no fair you never take me mini golfing." josh sighed.

"i'll take you sometime don't worry." zack fake pouted.

"you better bitch. you better treat her right she is once in a lifetime." josh said.

"i definitely will." he said. "speaking of dates. i think you're hiding something from me."

"what do you mean?" josh asked. uh oh.

"come on you always got hickeys, you're always out and about. always in a good mood." zack raised his eyebrows. "i think.....that you're dating brendon."

josh mentally sighed in relief.

"you think so?" he chuckled.

"yes i do." zack smirked.

"i mean, we're fucking for sure. i wouldn't say dating." josh shrugged.

"sureee, you're love struck for the 20 year old stoner hottie." zack said.

"okay love struck is pushing it. maybe dick struck." josh rolled his eyes. yeah dick struck for your brother.

"is he good in bed?" zack asked, taking a drink out
if his cup.

"oh yeah. ohhhhh yeah." josh said. he was talking about brendon. but also his brother.

"okay okay i don't need details don't get too excited." zack laughed. "but im happy he's calmed down your hornyness for my brother."

wellllll about that

"yeah i realized i'd never get a chance so i moved to another 20 year old." josh sighed.

"yeah i thought he was gonna be single at least but too bad they're still together." zack said. josh almost said i know.

"really? thought she had a hickey." josh lied.

"actually. tyler had a hickey he told me. he said he got drunk and made out with this chick." zack said. josh almost laughed at the stories tyler was telling.

"damn. i didn't expect that from him." josh said.

"me neither. he really regretted it though. she called him over so they made up. she made him a really cute keychain though." zack said. josh saw it on tylers story.

"oh yeah i saw that." josh nodded.

"yeah honestly i know she bothers him a lot but he's so in love with her." zack said.

um. yeah. sure.

"i can tell." josh nodded.

"you're not serious with brendon though are y'all just messing around?" zack asked.

"yeah just fucking around nothing serious." josh said. well that wasn't a lie

jordan burst back in the door, tears on his face and he looked so mad.

"what now buddy?" josh laughed.

"MOM just SPANKED me cause i PUNCHED my sister." he complained.

"did you punch ash for eating your cookie?" josh asked.

"uh yeah!" he said running back out of the room.

"i will never understand." josh shook his head, zack laughing.

"tylers 20th is next week." zack said.

"oh yeah i forgot." josh gasped. "am i invited." he smirked.

"obviously." zack laughed.

"birthday sex." josh said.

"yeah sure you go for it." zack rolled his eyes. i mean technically he gave him permission.

"sweet." josh said. "foods done."

"fuck yeah." zack said. the boys went downstairs.

"hey wants for dinner?" josh asked.

"potato soup!"

A/N: i luv u guys

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