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"fuck you fuck you and fuck you." tyler says flipping zack off with both hands after he beat him in the game they were playing on xbox.

"aw you're such a good brother." zack smiled, tyler rolling his eyes.

"how the hell are you so good at this game?" tyler asked, starting another round.

"cause i don't have a girlfriend to keep me occupied so i just play this." zack said.

"that's the saddest thing ive ever heard. and i'm in college." tyler laughed.

"yeah yeah i bet you miss not having a girlfriend." zack said.

"oh yeah i do. i was a whore." tyler chuckled.

"really? i never put you as that kinda guy." zack said.

"oh hell yeah i just didn't want especially my family knowing." tyler said.

"i guess that's where i get my charm from." zack shrugged, tyler laughing.

"sure. charm we'll say that." tyler joked. "where's josh?"

"why you ask?" zack said.

"no reason. he's just usually here." tyler shrugged. well there was a reason but he can't really say can he.

"oh yeah that's true. i dunno probably with brendon." zack shrugged.

"brendon?" tyler asked. "are they a thing?" he was trying to be as less suspicious as possible.

"i think so. i think he's hiding it from me but i think he is. i mean he always has hickeys and stuff. it's funny." zack laughed.

"i've noticed he's had some i didn't know he was messin with brendon though. man he's into me and him. he likes older guys." tyler joked. well it wasn't a joke it's true.

"i know right. he's a little hoe but he's my hoe." zack chuckled.  tyler decided to text josh.

t: where u at babe

"fuck offfffff." tyler groaned.

"man you're terrible at this." zack said. tyler mocked him. "lemme hit it." he said as tyler pulled out an alto.

"fuck off get your own." tyler said.

"i don't want my own that would mean i'm addicted." zack said.

"i'm not addicted." tyler shrugged.

"throw it away right now then." zack said. 

"nah." tyler smirked finally handing it over to him.

j: at my house why love

tyler loves when josh calls him that.

t: i have something funny to tell you
t: zack thinks you and brendon are a thing because you always have hickeys and stuff

"you wanna swim or somethin?" zack asked.

"yeah lemme go change." tyler said, standing up and heading to his room.

j: omg he said something about that to me the other day. i told him we are just messing around but he thinks we're getting serious

t: haha little does he know

tyler changed into his swim shorts, snapping a picture of him in the mirror and sending it to josh.

he headed downstairs, then outside to the pool where zack was laying out in a deck chair. jay was out there also, and kelly was putting sunscreen on him.

"make sure and watch him." kelly smiled before heading back inside. tyler sat in a deck chair.

"i'm too pale." tyler groaned. which was a complete lie.

"you're like 4 shades darker than me." zack said.

"but yeah not as dark as i usually get." tyler said. he put some tanning stuff on him.

j: you're so hot ugh

t: you are. imy

"tell keelie i said hey." zack smirked. tyler didn't realize until then that he was smiling at his phone.

"what- oh yeah. sure you gonna steal my girl." tyler said.  he wished he would.

"yup she's mine now." zack said.

"i am going to go to brendons tonight and get fucked the fuck up." tyler said, zack laughing.

"you do that. ask him about josh while you're there." zack laughed.

well about that, josh will also be there.

"i will for sure." tyler said. they looked up when jay screamed.

"what's wrong?" tyler asked, sitting up.

"i saw a bug!"

"oh no not a bug!" tyler said getting up and going over there. there was a little beetle in the pool which he got out.

"alright ima get in." tyler said putting his stuff down before jumping in.

"amazing idea." zack said, following him.

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