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j: parents are gone. 😏

josh sent the text, a little bit after his family left and he had the house to himself.

today was wednesday, and zack was at some thing for the basketball team at school. so the best thing to do to pass time was call up his bitch

t: oh really?
t: omw babyboy

josh smiled in excitement. he straightened up his room a bit. this would be the first time tyler came to his house.

he went downstairs, grabbing a water and taking a drink. soon enough there was a knock on the door.

josh opened it to tyler standing there. josh started to get a word out but was interrupted by lips smashing against his.

josh stumbled back, moaning slightly into the kiss. tyler kicked the door closed with his foot, before grabbing joshs ass and pulling him closer.

"fuck," tyler groaned inbetween kisses. josh moaned loudly as tyler grabbed his dick.

"where's your room?" tyler mumbled.

"someone's horny." josh smirked, grabbing his hand and leading him to his room.

"someone else is too." tyler smirked. he really was. just super fucking horny. like he just wanted the boy so fucking bad.

the made their way to joshs room, shutting the door behind them. tyler pushed josh down, immediately finding his place on top of him.

"wanna fuck you senseless." tyler mumbled agaisnt his lips. he was throbbing in his shorts.

"please, please." josh whined, pulling tyler down to grind harder. his head was spinning with pleasure.

tyler sat up on his knees, sliding his shirt off. joshs eyes were locked on his prize. he was on the brink of tears from needing to be touched.

josh slid off his shorts, as he wasn't wearing a shirt. tyler replaced his hands, grabbing the waist of his boxers, ripping them down. next to come off was tylers shorts and boxers.

he leaned down, grinding agaisnt him now that there wasn't layers protecting them. josh wrapped his legs around tylers waist.

"tyyy, tyyy please." josh whined and writhed.

"words love, what do you want." tyler whispered, attacking his neck.

"i-i don't care, a-anything please please." josh said, followed by a moan as tyler wrapped his hand around his neck. he squeezed the sides, before reaching his other hand down and wrapping it around josh.

he started jerking his hand, slowly at first and picking up his pace.

tyler removed his hand before laying on his back. josh immediately went down to work.

he grabbed tyler, gasping at how hard he was. tyler tilting his head back and let out a heavy breath when josh took the head into his mouth.

"just like that baby, just like that. fuck." tyler stuttered. josh bobbed his head up and down.

tyler pulled josh off by his hair, before landing a slap to his face. he pulled him up on top of him, kissing him.

"want you inside of me." josh mumbled into the boys mouth.

"you prepped?" tyler asked back. josh eagerly nodded.  "okay if i don't use a condom?"

josh nodded again, too overtaken by pleasure to get words out. tyler followed by throwing the boy over and flipping him so he was on his hands and knees. he shoved his face into the pillow, pulling his hips so his ass was in the air.

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