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"sup bitch." zack said to josh once he walked in his room.

"wassup." josh smiled, handing him a starbucks coffee.

"what's this for?" zack asked, taking a drink.

"because i figured i would be nice for once." josh said. maybe this will make up for the whole brother fucking thing.

"aww how sweet such a good friend." zack chuckled.

"my parents aren't gonna be here tonight so i was thinking we could get tyler to get us drinks." zack said.

"hell yeah. he's not 21 though?"

"he has some college friends around here that can." zack said. "i'll text him."

zack did so, not to long after his door opened and tyler walked in followed by keelie.

"hey josh, didn't know you were here." tyler said when he walked in. josh blushed and said hey back. "yeah i can get some stuff we can party tonight."

"hell yes. wanna play?" zack asked, pointing to his game.  josh mentally cursed. he didn't like being around keelie. i mean when the guy you just confessed feelings to walks in with his girlfriend it's kinda awkward.

"sure." tyler nodded. you could tell he was hesitant. they sat on the bed next to josh and zack, keelie immediately cuddling up to tyler.

"keelie are you staying the night?" zack asked.

"no i gotta go home. my sister wants to have a girls night or somethin." she said. she showed tyler something on her phone, him laughing.

"i can invite brendon and my other friends if you want." tyler said to zack.

"yeah that'll be fun." zack nodded.

"actually i should probably go ahead and head out. it's already 6." she said.

"okay, bye baby." tyler said, her smiling and kissing him.

"gross." zack said, faking a gag.

"you're just jealous zack." keelie smirked, pushing him a bit.

"whatever." zack rolled his eyes.

"bye ty." she giggled. "bye zack, bye josh."

"bye." they both said. josh cringed.

"you need to teach her how to quiet down." zack nudged tyler.

"nahhh you can just plug your ears." tyler chuckled.

"it hurts my little virgin ears." zack said.

"virgin my ass. you probably got more bodies than me." tyler rolled his eyes.

"how many you have?"

"shittttt. uh.  15?  something like that."

"i'm at 8 you bitch." zack said. "josh what's yours again? isn't it like 7"

"fuck uhhh," he counted in his head. "i'm at 9 i think."

"9 yeah. wait who else did you fuck besides brendon?" zack asked. oopsie.

"no yeah i'm at 8 you're right." josh said. that was cap and tyler knew it. that's why he was smirking.

they played games for a while. josh and tyler sharing glancing at each other when possible.

"i can call bren up he'll bring some drinks and weed." tyler said.

"i'm sure josh will appreciate the fact that brendon and your hot college friends will be here too." zack said.

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