Chapter 17

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The rest of the group were already there when I rushed in for the meeting. Yoongi oppa came storming in moments after me, his posture radiating a cold, deadly air.

The managers were waiting for me and I hurried to the front to start the meeting. The boys were all staring at Yoongi oppa worriedly, wondering what could've caused this sudden blankness.

Shrugging it off for now, I turned to face them all.

"I want to be quick to the point because I don't want to take up anyone's time. You've all been working incredibly hard and we think to help expand your international fanbase as well as giving ARMY a different perspective of you, we're filming a holiday series. You guys will be able to take a breather away from idol life and be normal, young boys. What do you guys say?"

And I hadn't needed worried. They were all smiling and nodding to the idea, save for Yoongi oppa who was still silently fuming, and I smiled at all of them.

"Can I have everyone vocalise their assent or dissent with this idea?" and a chorus of cheers and yays rang through the air, Yoongi oppa hadn't spoken but he cracked a smile at the sheer joy and energy the rest of the group were radiating- and I knew he too was happy with the idea.

I tugged at the scarf at my neck slightly, the fabric feeling slightly stifling when the weather was so nice. As I tugged at it, my fingers accidentally brushed against a bruise, causing me to wince.

I fixed the scarf and quickly looked up, hoping no-one had noticed but I saw two pairs of eyes narrowed and trained on me. Jinnie oppa and Yoongi oppa.

I needed to get out of here fast. Before Yoongi oppa's very very short and already lit fuse blew.

"That'll be all, I'll let you all know when the plans are all finalised. Thank you for your time." I bowed, and quickly rushed out deciding to seek refuge in one of the old, unused conference rooms.

But in my haste to get away, I didn't notice that the boys had dispersed to go to their studios or vocal lessons, but the two eldest members had stayed behind to chat.



As the boys all piled out the room after the managers, rushing off to their vocal lessons or their studios (Namjoon and Hoseok), Jin hyung was just about to leave but I needed to talk to him.

"Hyung, just a moment. Can we talk?" I called out, Jin hyung turning in the doorway before re-entering and closing the door behind him.

"Sure Yoongi-ah, what is it?"

"We need to talk about (Y/N)-ah." I said, bluntly. There was no time to be talking in circles.

"(Y/N)-ah was being followed by the same guy who she thinks is behind recent incidents."

Hyung's mouth gaped.

"How did you know...?"

"No time hyung, I overheard, but that's not the point. Today when she went to get coffee, she was attacked by him..."


"(Y/N), I'm not going to repeat myself. Now tell me, how did you get those marks around your neck?" he hissed, his voice low and dangerous.

"Oppa, can we not talk about this later...?"

"(Y/N), I said start talking."

And it seemed like a barrier broke inside her, her face immediately crumpled, and I saw her trying to put the mask, the façade back up but she had shown me the cracks.

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