chapter 7

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Tooba's p.o.v
"Wake up.."
I was in deep sleep when someone shaked me badly back and forth.
I didn't know that stupid was bending over me.I sat up with a jolt of electricity.
Our noses touched and he moved back.
"Umm.. We have reached ."
I nodded my head.
Last thing I remembered was my head pinning badly and I didn't realize when sleep consumed me.
I hold my lehanga and tried to get out of the car but all in vain and I fell back on my butt.
Ouch! Now what the hell is this man!!
Rehab came forward and without saying any thing took hold of my lehanga and with the help of my hand dragged me out. I didn't protest.
When I got out of the car I saw a simple but beautiful house. A smile crepted on my lips.
It seems like my dreamhouse.
I thought.
A lady may be in her mid 50s came towards him with a huge smile on her lips.
"Welcome welcome my boy."
She moved towards rehab and kissed his cheek.
He kissed her on forehead. He was smiling, genuinely.
I was somehow amazed looking at him.
Who knew that Mr Mafia also has respect for elders cause what he did with my father was so inhumane.
I got out of my trance of thinking by the voice of that lady.
"MASHA ALLAH!  You are so beautiful. May Allah bless you both. Ameen!"
She cupped my cheek after hugging me. I flashed her a smile.
I heard Rehab's voice or more a whisper saying Ameen beside me. I looked at him and he averted his gaze.
"Maali uncle please put our luggage in my room."
He said to a man of nearly 45 or 47 years.
I glared at him and he mouthed what?
"Aah..Beti what is your name?"
That old lady asked me.
"Tooba. Tooba Sohail."
I said and rehab looked at me with an unknown expression.
ALLAH knows what this man is thinking.
I averted my attention to that old Lady.
"What is your name? I mean what I can call you?"
"You can call me bejan. Everyone used to call me this. If you don't like this then you can call me whatever you want."
She said with a loving expression on her face.
"No no beejan is OK."
I said holding her hands in mine.
"OK now let's go inside or you both are planning to stay here all night?"
Rehab said and I glared at him and he rolled his eyes while beejan laughed looking at us.
"Come dear." She said moving aside.
I didn't move when she went inside I turned towards rehab.
"Tell that uncle to not take our luggage inside."
He looked at me confused.
"Are you blind or what? Can't you see he is not willing to lift such heavy load? And ALLAH knows what you put in that suitcase it seems too heavy. "
"OK OK ."
He lift his hands up in surrender.
"Maali uncle! Leave those bags. You go and take rest."
Maali uncle first looked at both of us one by one.
"Are you sure beta?"
"Yeah uncle you go but before take these."
He moved towards his car and took out a huge bag of fruits, many boxes of sweets, bottles of juices and cold drinks and a beautiful basket of chocolates.
"Take these and distribute them among everyone."
My eyes popped out of sockets.
This much food was around me and I was unaware?
"Beta this much sweets and chocolates? Is there any good news?"
"Yeah these are the gifts on account of my wedding."
He said with a smile.
On account of my wedding. Huh! Wedding my foot!
Maali uncle, along with a boy started to take things inside.
I was tired like hell now and just wants to sleep.
" are you guys not coming? "
Beejan's voice boomed and I shouted from outside.
"Coming beejan."
I moved inside.
"OK let me take you to your room. You must be tired now."
I nodded and she started walking with me following her and stopped in front of a room.
"So this is rehabs room which is also yours now. You go and change. I am sending some food for you both."
"Seriously beejan thank you so much."
I turned the knob and when I entered in room I was greeted by smell of fresh roses. I closed my eyes and took deep breath.
The room was looking so mesmerizing with red roses,lit candles and mini golden lights.
There was a heart made by rose petals on bed.
I moved towards the bed and touched that heart.
I heard door opening. I knew who it muct be so I didn't bother yo turn.
"Umm you go and change. Your dresses are wait! Your dresses are in that suit case now who will bring that? Mali uncle has gone already."
He said raising eye brows.
"What do you mean by who? You will bring that bag."
"Yeah you!"
"No I am not going to do anything like this."
"Why? Can't you list that bag? Are you that weak?"
I started to move towards him. He eyed me with questioning expression.
I poked his biceps and he seemed to be startled.
"Why did you make this much muscles when you can't carry your own luggage?"
I started leaning towards his face.
"You are too weak."
I said looking in his eyes.
He was taken aback by my actions.
"Umm its not like that actually  ahh OK I am going to take that bag."
He stammered and I was rolling with laughter in my head.
"Good for you."
I said ignoring him and moved towards the door to open it. Someone knocked.
"There is your food."
Maid said stretching tray full of food in front of me.
"Beejan is such a love!! Here put this here!"
I said moving aside and motioning her towards bed.
She dropped the tray on bed and moved out. I realized rehab was not there in room.
He must be downstairs.
I promised myself to make your life hell and here you go with first level!
I smirked imagining him lifting heavy suitcase.

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