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I couldn't believe he just made that comment. He does want kids but the question is when ?. I know he isn't ready just yet, but maybe when we're in our 20's.

Ace's birthday is coming up soon and he will be 19. He doesn't know that I know, Ice had to tell me. Apparently he doesn't like his birthday being celebrated because each year was just going to be a repeat of the previous one.

Honestly, I have no idea what to get him or what to give to him. I know that he doesn't like people so I was thinking about keeping it strictly friends and I'm hoping to get Dante to come from California. Their friendship has really improved since Dante left; maybe Ace realised how much he actually depended on him.

He lay his head on my shoulder as I undid his tie. I helped him take off his flashy black suit jacket along with his insanely white shirt. I slowly unbuttoned the shirt while he stared in awe at me. His blue eyes were big and bright even though it was dark in the room and although I could still see the exhaustion on his face, I could also see the peacefulness washing over him. He was always tired when he got home, no matter what he did that day.

"How do you not get this shirt dirty, let me in on your secret?" I smiled gently at him with a happy expression flooding my face. "This is like my twelfth shirt today Sof" he stated while rolling his eyes, struggling to fight off his grin. "Okay, that does make a lot more sense" I face palmed before he grabbed my wrist gently, pulling my hand from my face. "Let me see you" he uttered gently, staring into my eyes intensely. I tried to be serious, I really did but I just ended up giggling due to his intense glare.

I watched his features soften at the sound of my giggle. "I giggle a lot, I'm sorry" I grinned mischievously, knowing I wasn't sorry. I couldn't take anything seriously but I couldn't care less.

He didn't respond, instead he just nodded slightly before shutting his eyes. He desperately needed rest.

"If you want to have a nap, I can go downstairs" I stroked his cheek. "No it's fine, what time is it?" He questioned curiously, looking around for a clock. I checked my wrist and Ace shot a me a confused glance. "I don't have a watch, I don't know why I did that" I grinned as I shook my head. "Where's your bracelet?" he asked, noticing that I wasn't wearing it and was almost hurt by the fact that I wasn't wearing it.

I pointed to the nightstand next to us, where my bracelet was lying. Ace reached for the bracelet and unlocked it with his key before clicking it back onto my wrist. He ran his finger over the heart on the bracelet.

"I've given you my heart Sof, please don't break it?" He uttered quietly with his deep voice that was husky and his face plastered with no emotion except for his eyes. His eyes were full of worry, as if he was pleading with me not to break it.

I realised that he's never actually loved anything before me. He has never given his heart to anyone due to his overwhelming fear of someone breaking more than it already was. He has placed his heart in my hands and trusted me not to break it and I won't.

"Never" I whispered, grabbing his cheeks and squishing them together. I let out a giggle at his face as he grinned gently at my laughter before he kissed me, our lips colliding, destroying any space that was left between us.

"Are you going to nap now, you look tired Acey" I smirked knowing he would hate his nickname. "Don't call me that" he growled, standing up. I shrieked, clinging onto him like my life depended on it. He threw me over his shoulder, letting me dangle. "Ace put me down" I shrieked holding onto his suit trousers. He had one hand up around my waist, holding me in place on his shoulder while unbuttoning his suit trousers with the other. The trousers fell to the floor and he stepped out of them before throwing me onto the bed.

"We're not having kids yet but that doesn't mean we can't practice" he smirked evilly. I could only imagine what goes on inside his head and not the one in his underwear because I know what comes out of that. "As much as I would love to practice, you need to sleep Ace" I glared at him from the bed. "But I don't want to" he groaned, throwing his back angrily. "Come onnnnn, lie down" I held my arms out. I could see him debating it in his head.

"Fine" he groaned angrily, climbing onto the bed and into my arms. He rested his head on my chest while his arm wrapped around my stomach. His grip was tight but gentle, almost like he was afraid to break me. I ran my hands through his hair, watching his eyes become harder to open after he blinked. "I love you Sof, always" he mumbled half asleep. "I love you too" I whispered, stroking his cheek with my thumb. Eventually his eyes shut and he was asleep.

I waited a few minutes before worming my way out of Ace's tight grip. I needed to talk to Ice to make arrangements for Ace's birthday that he didn't know I knew about. I glanced at Ace one last time before leaving his room. I'm the person who knows him the best in the world and I have no idea what to do or get him for his birthday. Not to mention he already hates it so I have no clue how to make this day enjoyable for him.

I wandered into the kitchen to see Ice finishing his cookies. "Where's Ace?" He asked curiously but also careless at the same time. "Asleep" I murmured before sitting across from him. "What are we going to do for Ace's birthday?" I sighed, shaking my head.

"I know exactly what to do" Ice glanced at me with a excited expression flooding his face.

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