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"So. How's your day been?" Sophie asked, taking a sip of water. Keefe laughed a little at her awkwardness
"Fine. How about you?" He asked
"Oh, you know. Trying not to get killed or something" she responded, shrugging. This earned a real laugh from him
"Just the usual with you, isn't it Foster?" He asked
"Well, its better when you're around. You help a lot" she blushed, but didn't correct herself. Because it was true
"I try, foster" he smirked
"Will you two just kiss already!?" A voice asked, accompanied by a piece of popcorn thrown at Keefe
"Hey!" He brushed it off his shoulder, leveling Ro with a glare "just because you're my bodyguard doesn't mean I can't make you go outside"
"Oh yes it does. I'd love to see you try to force me out without making a scene" Ro argued
"If you want to see us kiss so bad then why do you keep intruding what's supposed to be a date!" Keefe hissed at her, blushing at the weird sentence
"Fair enough" Ro sat back again, looking at the menu while keeping an eye on both the blonds. Sophie silently thanked the universe Sandor had insisted they sat at a different table
"Anyway" Keefe said, straightening his shirt and looking back at Sophie "sorry, she's ridiculous" he grinned awkwardly, a dark blush tinting his cheeks
"Did she really bring popcorn?" Sophie had to ask
"I keep saying it! I need snacks!" Ro cut in, and when both of them looked at her she still had her face covered by the menu
"I need to go to the bathroom" Keefe stood up suddenly, slipping Sophie a napkin subtly "be right back" he darted away to the back of the restaurant. Sophie grabbed the napkin, reading it
Meet me by the bathrooms. Nothing weird, I swear
Sophie smiled. She waited a couple seconds before excusing herself as well

"This is insane" she whispered
"No, it'll be fun" he promised, pulling her lightly along in the dark
"What if they come looking for us? Sandor would have a heart attack if he saw us" she worried
"It's ok, Foster. I'll take the blame. It is my idea" Keefe said
"Ok, ok. Fine. I can't believe you talked me into this. It feels... wrong" she said in a hushed tone
"It's ok. We'll be near the bodyguards. We're just going to the beach" Sophie could see Keefe's smirk, though it was hard in the dark evening
"You're carrying my shoes" she told him, which he agreed to "and helping me hold my dress so it doesn't get wet"
"Ok, ok. Why don't you just take off the dress? You can barrow my jerkin or under shirt" Keefe asked
"That's... not a bad idea. Good thing I wore leggings under this thing"

Sophie step out of the bathroom, her simple dress bunched in her arms, heels in one hand. She padded along the wooden deck barefoot, finding Keefe in the twilight.
"Ok, ready to go...." he trailed off as he saw her, his ice blue jerkin slightly too big on her. She tugged at the sleeves a little
"Yup. It's a little big, but it's fine" secretly Sophie loved it. It was still warm from when he had it on and it smelled like him, making her feel over all like she was constantly getting a warm hug from Keefe, which made her feel fluttery. He liked it just as much, and whenever he snuck a glance at her he blushed a little more. Good thing it was dark. She hugged herself tighter, basking in the feeling
"Are you cold?" Keefe asked, reaching up to unclasp his cape
"No, I'm fine. It's warm enough. You're the one in the undershirt" she felt the need to point out as she set down her folded clothes and her pair of shoes on a table near the back door of the restaurant.
"Ok, let me know if you get cold" he told her
"Ok, enough with the talk. We've burned enough time and if we're out too long Sandor will get suspicious" she grabbed his arm and ran to the edge of the deck, leaping off and landing on soft sand, Keefe right beside her.
"And the amazing foster flying routine returns! Take a bow, lady Foss Boss" Keefe clapped, and Sophie did take a bow. It was a quick one though, and afterward she drug him out toward the ocean, right before where the gentle waves were hitting. Sophie slid her hand in his, walking down the shore line and scanning the area for shells or rocks. Keefe stopped and picked one up
"Close your eyes" he said
"What?" Sophie asked
"Close your eyes. Please?" He repeated. Sophie looked at him for a second, then did so. She heard a weird scratching noise, then Keefe told her she could open them. He held out a hand, in it a heart shaped rock. He had drawn a sketch of her against the dusky beach, and she was amazed at how good it looked even though he only had a small orange marking rock to draw with, and took such a short time
"Keefe, it's so pretty" she whispered, tucking it safely in her leggings pocket, trying to make sure it didn't smudge.
"Not as pretty as you" he replied, which hit Sophie to giggle
"You're such a dork" she teased, nudging him playfully on the shoulder. They kept walking, Keefe humming a little tune lightly. The song was soft and sweet, but had a sad undertone. It was beautiful, and it made Sophie want to smile and cry at the same time.
"Wait, we should go back. They're probably worried sick back there" Sophie remembered. Keefe sighed, but agreed, so they turned around and headed the way they came, this time a but more hurried.
"Okay, you should probably change back into your dress" Keefe said once they had gotten back to the table the Sophie had set her things. She wrapped her arms around her self protectively and laughed
"Oh, there's no way you're ever getting this jerkin back. It's warm and smells like you and quite possibly the best item of clothing I own" Sophie said
"Ok. You can have it. Looks good on you anyway" Keefe winked at her
"Let's just go in" Sophie mumbled, wiping sand off her feet and putting on her shoes, Keefe doing the same.
"Alright. But it still looks good on you" He whispered

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