Chapter 19

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I slowly cracked open my eyes, feeling rested and content in the soft gentle hold on me and the soft hum and chatter of the room. I was feeling relaxed and only in a bit of discomfort, but it was more manageable now that I'd taken the medication and slept for a bit.

Oh. I jolted up remembering that I had been on Jiminie oppa and realised he must've been sooo uncomfortable this entire time because I couldn't suck it up and bear with my problems myself.

His arms around me tightened automatically as I bolted upwards, to steady me or out of sheer instinct, and he looked at me wide-eyed.

"Are you okay (Y/N)-ah?" he asked, genuine concern floating in his eyes.

As he spoke, he drew the attention of all the other members who I realised were all in the living room too spread out across the floor and sofas.

"Aigoo my precious child, how are you feeling? Do you need anything? Hot water bottle? Snacks? Cuddles? Chocolate?" Jinnie oppa rambled as he rushed towards me, making sure I was still tightly wrapped in the blanket.

I struggled to free myself from the tight confines of the blanket, my arms stuck inside as I helplessly wriggled.

I pouted, jutting out my bottom lip and looked up at Jinnie oppa.

"A little help please oppa?" he cooed, pinched my cheeks lightly before sweeping me out of Jiminie oppa's arms who protested loudly, making me smile at his whine and arms that reached out for me.

He carefully loosened the blanket around me.

"Oppa let me out of it." I insisted.

"No no, stay in bed all day (Y/N)-ah, why would you want to get out?" he fussed.

I unwrapped the blanket around me, standing up before realising my jumper had rucked up exposing more thigh than I was used to showing, oops, I pulled the hem downwards.

"I'm fine, you all just caught me at the worst time. I'm sorry for causing trouble." I said.

"Aigoo...(Y/N)-ah why are you sorry? You're my cutie dongsaeng, you're my sunshine. Don't frown." Hobi oppa said as he leant his head on my lap peering up at me.

"Are you okay now (Y/N)-ah, you're not in pain, are you?" Kookie piped up from where he was being hugged and squeezed by Tae, struggling to escape his tight grasp but looking at me concerned.

I nodded, how on earth did I get so lucky? But god, it was embarrassing. The only man I had ever shown this pained, angry, tactile, cuddly side to during my period was Binnie really and that was only because we'd been together for years so he had picked up on my behaviour changing during a certain time of month.

I guess them seeing this part of me at some point was inevitable, but it didn't make it less mortifying for me.

I tidied up the blanket and I was going to go put it away, but I realised Yoongi oppa was curled up on the other sofa so instead I walked over and gently covered him with it, tucking him in. His headphones were slightly off his head, so I fixed them, lowering the volume because he didn't need to be blasted awake by whatever he was listening to, what I didn't realise though was that he was awake. His hand shot out from the blanket to grip at my wrist loosely and I looked down at him partially shocked.

"Are you okay?" he said not meeting my eyes fully, but his voice was full of concern, he was such a tsundere, but I knew he was a massive softy.

I would smoosh his cheeks right now if I knew he wouldn't be kinda embarrassed by it. I vowed to do it the next time I saw him alone.

"I'm gonna go bake. Stay please Jinnie oppa unless you're happy just sitting there keeping me company." I warned, seeing him bounce up to cook too before his face slightly fell but he still followed me into the kitchen plopping down onto the nearest chair.

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