🔶 15 - Smart But Different 🔶

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[Cahaya's POV]

Man, another day for school...

But, that's alright! I love school! I enjoyed every moment of it! I never got bored whenever I go to school everyday. It never bothers me at all.

Currently, I'm here, walking through the hallways and I could see a lot of my schoolmates smiling at me so I smiled back at them. Some of my schoolmates, mostly girls, would automatically squeal in giddiness because of my charming, handsome and attractive look. Heh, this morning couldn't get any better!~

I really love the atmosphere and the attention I'm getting. It really motivates me every time. Being the top one always (as usual) when it comes to tests and exams, always the leader in every group (especially in science), and most of all, being the popular one here in school.

I mean, who doesn't like these kinds of moments? They practically help us see who we are, and what we wanted to achieve in life. Like, it's our goal to reach, an opportunity to take.

Alright, for my classmates? Well, they're pretty much fun to be around. Fun because, all of them are actually smart, like me (but I'm the smartest), and also very active, very participative when it comes to class recitations. Speaking of fun, I can't believe they're also interested in science, yes, my oh-so-most-favourite subject from all of the subjects above.

Well, I don't know for the other students out there who says school 'sucks'. I mean, are you kids blind? School's fun! And hey man, if you'll say that to my face, I'm totally going to make your eyes blind. No joke. So yeah, don't test me. I'm not some kind of laboratory rat for you to test on.

Okay, where was I again? Oh right! School! Yep, school's great! Don't ever think about it otherwise.

Right now, I'm entering my classroom and as usual, there are only few of us still here since it's still a bit early for our first class to start. So, I just shrugged it off and went to my assigned seat, where I'm seated right next to my classmate who always sleeps: Air is his name. Rolling my eyes, I took out my science notebook and started reading my handwritten notes from yesterday's topic. Our science teacher told us we're going to have concept sharing one by one today so, better to review than to say nothing at all.

While I was rereading my notes, I felt slightly irritated because of the fact that my seatmate is snoring loudly that I couldn't focus on what I'm reading right now. Yes, Air is a heavy sleeper. Geez, does he even have the time or a proper sleep at home? Actually, he always sleeps, during class hours and in breaks. So, better to wake him up when teacher's about to go towards his place, and.. that's actually my responsibility to do which is, totally annoying for me because I'll always keep an eye on him everytime and whenever he's about to fall asleep again. Gosh, I wish someone would just invent a machine where everytime a person sleeps, that machine will automatically wake him up by slapping them on their drowsy faces.

Annoyed with his snores, I just shook him to wake him up instead so it won't be a bother for me anymore. When he did, he yawned and stretched his body out, and looked at me with his sleepy eyes.

"What did you wake me up for?" He asked, slightly frowning. I just rolled my eyes off him and laid my eyes back to my notes.

"Sleepy head.." I muttered before going back to read my notes again.

I heard him heaved a deep sigh, sitting up straight from his seat and gazed at me. He took a quick peak from my notes, which I instantly moved it away from him.

"Huh, work, energy and power. That's easy." Air stated, chuckling lightly.

I raised a brow on him. "Oh yeah? What's the formula for work?" I asked, narrowing my eyes at him while waiting for his response.

"Force times displacement." Air responded, without even the need to think anymore.

'This is interesting...' I thought as I asked another question.

"What's the unit of energy?"


"Named by honour of whom?"

"James Prescott Joule."

"Types of energy?"

"Mechanical energy, Mechanical wave energy, Chemical energy, Electric energy, Magnetic energy, Radiant energy, Nuclear energy, Ionization energy, Elastic energy, Gravitational energy, Thermal energy and Heat Energy." He answered, making my eyes slightly widened in surprise.

"Come on, man." He said, scoffing. "You're giving me way too easy questions." He added, grinning.

I smirked from his response. "You're smart." I commented, offering my hand to him for a handshake. "Cahaya." I introduced, with a grin.

"Air." He replied, chuckling as he accepted my hand for a handshake. "Well, I'd known you for a very long time. We've been classmates for a few years already." He stated, smiling.

I chuckled lightly, looking back at him. "I thought you're only good at sleeping." I said, laughing.

He laughed slightly as well. "Don't judge a book by its cover." He stated, smiling sincerely.

"Hey Air," I called.


"Wanna be friends?"

He grinned, nodding slightly. "Yeah."

Not for long, the bell rang, signalling for our homeroom to end and it's time for our first subject to start.

"Talk to you later?" Air asked, resting his chin ontop of his hand that was placed on his desk.

"Sure." I replied, closing my notes afterwards and sat down properly. Afterwards, I smiled to myself.

Heh, I can't believe I've been friends with someone who's smart, but different.


Hewooooo guysss!!! \>w</ 💕

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