🔶 16 - Brothers 🔶

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[Cahaya's POV]

Few months later, it's still surprising for me that Air and I got along with each other very well. Actually, it's very unexpected. Me, the hardworking and smartest boy, friends with a sleepy, but also smart like me.

We've been hanging out a lot ever since, and totally I had a great time with him. We became best of friends. Or, let's say, 'best bros'.

I guess I was too judgemental about him. Well, didn't seemed to expect the unexpected. I chuckled on that thought.

Currently, we're attending our fourth class, which is Math. As I finished scribbling down my notebook with math equations, my eyes roamed around the classroom. My eyes then stopped at one particular student, wearing a cap like me and Air but yellow in color.

"Interesting..." I mumbled quietly, staring at a certain classmate of mine few inches away from my seat.

"Okay, students. Study well for our quiz tomorrow. Class dismissed." Our Math teacher said, piling up her papers and placed it inside her folder. She then took her leave, making all of us stand from our seats and begun fixing our things.

"Hey Air." I called, as I arranged my things and put them in my bag.

"Yeah?" He asked, slinging his bag on his shoulder and looked at me.

"Do you know him?" I asked, pointing at the yellow capped boy I was looking at earlier.

Air shrugged his shoulders in response. "He's kind of quiet so, I barely know him." He said, pursing his lips. "All I know is that, Petir is his name."

I hummed, staring at the boy. 'Petir, huh...' I thought. "Wanna go and meet him?" I asked, glancing back at Air then at the boy. "He's seems cool to me." I added, grinning.

"I don't see why not." He replied, also grinning and looked at him.

"Alright then. Come on." I said, grabbing my book and notebook and walked towards the boy. My friend, Air followed afterwards.

When we got near him, we noticed he was fixing his things and he hadn't noticed us approaching him. Since he was facing his back, I tapped his shoulder, trying to get his attention. When I did, he turned around with his brows furrowed.

"Hey there!" I greeted, grinning at him as I waved my hand slightly. "The name's Cahaya and this boy beside me is my friend, Air." I introduced, which made the boy stared at us expressionlessly.

"If you're here just for me to become friends with you, sorry, I declined." Petir said, straightforwardly as he grabbed his things and turned away from us, taking his leave. "Besides, who needs friends anyway? They're nothing but an excess baggage in our lives."

When our classmate, Petir was about to exit the classroom, he stopped from the doorway when he heard me, saying...

"I think you're pretty cool, Petir." I stated, grinning. "Let's be friends."

After stating those words, he slowly turned around and faced us, with his eyes widened in either shock or surprise.

"You think... I am?" He asked, still looking surprised as ever.

My grin grew wider. "Yeah. You are." I said, making the yellow capped boy curved a small smile.

"Okay, I'm glad to be friends with you two."

<> <~> <>

Ever since that day, when we met Petir, I didn't know everything would turn out great. Just after a few days, Petir became very close with one of us already. Well, actually it's because we kind of share the same interests with one another.

This is really incredibly amazing! I have Air as my friend, and we met another friend, Petir. Wow, this feeling is just, great!

I currently have two friends, and I never felt so happy! I have Mom and Dad who loves me, then I have awesome friends who are the definition of a second family to me.

Man, I wish me, Petir and Air would become brothers though. They're fun to be with, even though we have opposite personalities.

Actually, I hoped that we are brothers.


See what I did in this chapter? :3

If not, well, I just connected it with one of my chapters from my book, "You're All I Need". UwU

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