Chapter 20

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I stared at the wall, a grin ripping itself across my face as I stared at the piece of artwork in front of me. The whole wall was plastered with a collage of my angel's face, so many different shots of her, all of them capturing the innate beauty that radiated out from her.

I lightly stroked the photo nearest to me, hand lingering as I traced the outline of her face, the slightly soft curve of her jaw, the roundness of her soft cheeks with the natural rosiness that always coloured them, the big soft orbs of her eyes and her lustrous hair that framed her doll face.

I scanned the montage of photos, the shrine I had dedicated to her, the proof of my love there for me to see whenever I want. Photos of her looking up at the sky, leaving the coffee shop, laughing when she's on the phone, leaning down to pet a dog, leaving her apartment block as she ruffled through her bag.

I lingered over one of the shots I had taken when the wind slightly blew her scarf loose; baring to me the necklace of purples, blues and reds decorating her throat like a collar- what a beautiful sight it was as it sat above her collarbones. I didn't intend on gifting her that but seeing her after so long and alone for once I wanted to get close to her, I didn't mean for the man to intervene, otherwise she'd be here with me right now, where she belonged.

I looked down at the text I had just sent. The game of cat and mouse now began, and I was eager for the hunt. The thrill of it all excited me.

"Soon babygirl, soon." I said, fingers lingering on her lips.


At some point during eating pizza and shovelling down cake, the atmosphere in the dorm began to shift. It was unnoticeable to Jackson and Yugyeom who flocked to (Y/N), Yugyeom being drawn to her like an energetic puppy and Jackson wanting to tease and baby her, but he was no less than a puppy too.

They left a couple of hours later. The moment they left it was like a switch had been turned, all of them had picked up on the uncharacteristic behaviour of their resident joy.

"Hoseok-ah, what is it?" Yoongi asked.

"That bastard has been messaging (Y/N) again. And I want him dealt with immediately. He can't keep hovering over her life." he hissed, teeth clenched and refusing to remove his arms from around (Y/N).

"Hobi oppa its fine. Very soon he won't be. Will you let go please?" she asked but his eyes widened, and his arms visibly tightened around her waist, the very idea of separating making him panicky.

She sighed resigned but she knew the concern behind his actions.

She opened her phone and called someone.

"Hi Trace. How are you? Its been a long time, huh..." she was talking in English so all eyes fell on their leader, silently urging him to listen well and hard so they could fully grill him later about what the conversation had been about.

"Listen I need to call in that favour. I need you to fly over as soon as possible with the rest of the team." She listened to the voice on the other end, voice unmistakably male.

"Its just that he's back...calm down Trace. I contacted you, didn't I? I kept my promise. text me your flight details. Love you too, take care. Bye." She hung up and looked at the curious eyes trying and failing to disguise the fact they'd been eavesdropping even though they hadn't fully grasped the conversation.

"(Y/N)-ah, who's Trace?" Namjoon asked.

"An old friend, I met him when I did some travelling across the US." She said, not fazed at all by the barrage of questions she knew were going to be coming.

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