🔶 18 - Bored 🔶

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(WARNING ⚠️: Contains BULLYING. Please read this at your own risk.)


[Cahaya's POV]

My life is getting better right now. I love all the attention my family and friends are giving to me. It just feels so good.

Here I am, hanging out with my friends during our recess break. Well actually, we're done eating and we're currently talking with each other. But, as minutes pass by, we're kind of getting a bit bored.

We have nothing to do. No homeworks to work on, no projects to pass on, nor even seatworks needed to be submitted every of our dismissal time. I looked around and I feel like we're only the one's who are in the canteen. I think some of our schoolmates just thought of eating outside or on the hallways. Man, I'm bored...

Not for long, I saw one student wearing a brown cap, eating with his packed lunch, alone not far from our table. 'Loner...' I thought, smirking at his direction.

"Hey guys," I called my two friends, making them turn to me. "Wanna have some fun?" I asked, a mischievous grin was plastered on my face.

"Heck, yeah. The boredom's killing me right now." My friend, Petir said, frowning at me as Air only nodded in response. Geez, acting cold much, pikachu?

"How about let's have fun teasing that student over there?" I suggested, pointing at the particular student I saw earlier. They turned around to look at where I was pointing, making them grin evilly.

"Alright, let's do it." Air and Petir said in unison, making my grin grew wider as we stood up from our seats.

As we reached our schoolmate who's a loner and wearing a brown cap, I slammed my hand on his table, making him startle and looked up at me.

"Oh hello, buddy~" I cooed, grinning. "What's your name?" I asked, staring down at him while smirking.

The boy gulped, as I saw him shivered a bit in fear. "Tanah..." He replied, his eyes glancing at the three of us around him one by one. "W-What are you guys doing here?" He simply asked, making me scoff in his question.

"We're bored— no, actually..." I paused, humming. "We want your money." I stated, making Air's eyes widened a bit from my response as Petir raised a brow from my direction.

"Excuse me!?" The brown capped boy named Tanah, frowned as he bravely stood up and have face to face with me. "Who do you think you are?!"

I gritted my teeth from what he just spat on my face and pushed him harshly on the ground, making him grunted. "Say that to my face one more time, I'm going to beat the heck out of you." I threatened, glaring at him intensely, causing him to flinched slightly.

On the background, I saw Petir shaking his head while crossing his arms as he looked at Tanah, while Air only heaved a sigh, biting his bottom lip as he also stared at Tanah expressionlessly.

"Now," I moved closer to Tanah, and stomped my feet on his chest, making him groaned in pain. "Your money. Give." I stated, emphasising all the words I'd said.

Tanah hesitantly took something out from his pocket and lend it to me: His money. I smirked as I grabbed it from his hand and left him on the ground. My friends took a quick glance at the poor boy on the ground before following behind me afterwards.

I counted the money on my hands. This costs a lot! I can buy whatever I want with these! Thanks to Tanah~, I get to buy a new phone case for my phone.

'Oh yeah, I almost forgot to give some to my friends.' I mentally facepalmed myself.

"Here." I said, splitting half of the money and gave it to my two closest friends, which they hesitantly took it. Geez, why are people so hesitant these days?

Moments later, the bell rang, signalling for our third period to start.

"Well, time for our classes. See you guys later?" I asked, grinning. They nodded at me in response and waved their hands. "Bye." The three of us said in sync, and parted our ways.

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