chapter 9

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Tooba's p.o.v

It's been three days to our that argument. Neither I saw him after that nor he came. That day I sat coughing on ground and became unconscious when I woke up I saw sakina, the maid with a tray full of food.
She made me did because of tight grip of rehab it my arm was paining when I inspected my hand it was bandaged properly. I asked Sakina and she said that she did it. But one thing to be sure she can be a good nurse. I mean the way she dressed my wound was so professional.
It's been three days of me not getting any news about my family. I want to talk to them.
Its been a week and he didn't return.
Go to hell by my side. I wish that you never come back.
I woke up early in the morning, followed same routine
Clock was showing 5'o clock in morning. I am not a morning person but today I don't feel like sleeping anymore. I went downstairs to eat my breakfast. Launch was whole silent.
"Why are you doing this.."
Just then I heard beejan's voice. Whom beejan is talking to? Not she be sleeping at this time?
I knocked at her door.
"Beejan! Are you okay?"
I got no response.
"Beejannnn!!" I banged on door and she opened it.
"Why were you not answering?"
"Aah! Actually I was in washroom."
"Whom were you talking to?"
"Ohh that it was a dream. I was talking in sleep."
She said with a slay smile. I don't know but its hard to believe. Its seems like she is hiding something from me but I shrugged the thought.
"Why are you up so Early?"
"Aah yeah beejan! If you are not sleeping can I talk to you?"
"Actually..ahh.. I "
"Everything fine beejan? Why are you stammering?"
I said stepping in her room.
"Is there anyone here?"
I shouted.
"No no! No one is here. You tell me what you want to talk about?"
"Yeah beejan the thing is that I am missing my parents. I want to meet.."
I was interrupted by the sound of vessels in the kitchen.
"Beejan I swear someone is surely there."
I did folding my sleeves up.
"No it must be some cat. You sit."
I am unable to highlight what's the problem with beejan first she was not allowing me to come now she doesn't want me to go. Huhh!
"What were you saying?"
"I was saying that I want to talk to my parents. Its been ten days of me not talking to them."
"Its been ten days too of you not meeting him."
"Him who? Haider? Oh no beejan I met him yesterday. He is all fine shine."
"I am not talking about Haider?"
"Then who?"
"He! Your husband?"
Beejan said sternly and I kept
"And I don't want to meet him either."
I rolled my eyes.
"What tooba beejan? You know how he brought me here. After all he did to me and my parents what type of behavior you expect from me?"
"I know everything beta. But remember one thing always that at the end of the day he is your husband."
She said calmly.
"Yeah! a forced husband."
"Tooba! Don't you dare to use this word again."
I again rolled my eyes.
"Anyways I will ask him to make you call your parents."
"Yeah please! And tell him to give me my phone back. I am tired of playing ludo and watching TV every time. I have decided that from today I will make food for everyone and do other house chores too. Means when I have to stay here then why not set everything according to my wish."
"That's a great idea. I am happy that you are assuming this house as yours. Now go and sleep."
"No I will pray fajar then recite Quran then I will make breakfast with sakina. You go and rest."
I said and turned to move when I felt someone watching me.
This burning sensation! Which I get when that car used to stalk me but why I am feeling it here? He? But how can he be here?
I saw here and here but when couldn't find anyone I ran into my room and looked my door.
What if he is here? Why can't he be its his house remember?
Aah! I am feeling like pulling my hair.
Without thinking I went to washroom to do my ablution.

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