Requests (Closed)

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And we're back, for anyone who's into the Transformers and Sonic the Hedgehog fandom at the same time. I reserve the right to change these at any time. Here we go.

1. No lemons. No smut. That's gross.

2. No LGBT+ stuff. If it's just friendship, then okay.

DISCLAIMER: I'm very straight and identify as a female. I would not write LGBT+ one-shots in a way that would well represent the group. If you're a part of the LGBT+ club, that's great! I'm not, but that doesn't mean I'm trying to discriminate against you. You are all wonderful people, I'm sure of it.

3. If you're a male reading this, then you can request one of the female characters. I'm not gender exclusive.

4. No human readers. It just doesn't work for me that easily. I mean, if the human turns Mobian, fine. I'm pretty picky. It has to be written just the right way for me to like it.

5. No OCs. This is an x Reader book. Period.

6. If you want a specific scenario, you gotta tell me. Otherwise I'm gonna do what comes into my head.

7. No triggering things.

8. I can do most continuities, but there are some that I can't do, so if you want the continuity, tell me and I'll make sure that I know what it is.

9. These things take forever to write and sometimes I don't have the inspiration to work on them, so please be patient.

10. Don't leave me hanging! I worked on that for you, so I want to know you read it.

That's all for now. Stick to them or it will be ignored. Also, please try and refrain from swearing.

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