Chapter 29: Attention Please!

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A.N. Though that I could make a cute chapter of Sarah being not-so-Sarah-like. Enjoy :3

~A Sarah's P.O.V Only Chapter!~

Agent 3's (Sarah's) P.O.V:

We reported to work the following morning.

I really didn't want to get up.

"Sarah c'mon!" Mike yawned, practically dragging me out of bed. We slept together, which wasn't anything new, but I was still tired. "Mikeeeeeee...I'm tireddddd..." I groaned. "I know you are, but we'll be late."

We made ourselves a coffee and ate breakfast. Cleaning ourselves up and stuffing our hero suits in our bags, we headed out to HQ early in the morning.


"Hey you two," Marie greeted us as we arrived. She was talking with Callie right next to her. "Hey guys!" Callie exclaimed, waving frantically at us. We saluted back.

"I don't want to do this.." Mike complained as he continued to work on the files and reports on his desk.

HQ was revamped lately. It was a decently big, metal building with all sorts of different rooms on the inside. Each agent had their own little office, a control room and a planning room that also doubled as a break room. It has a vending machine which means we don't have to pay.

I was sitting down on a small sofa in his already cramped office working on my files. I wanted some company, his company specifically, while I was working. We made small talk, though we tried to focus on our work as well. But how could I? I'd rather much get up and make out with the octoling right in front of me instead of working on these stupid documents. It wasn't appropriate to show PDA here, but I reallyyy wanted to break the rule for once.

"Hey Mike..?" I asked a bit shyly as I looked up from my work. "What's up, Sarah?" He asked, though he didn't look up from his writing. In fact, he seemed like he was in the zone. "Distracting him right now wouldn't be the best option..He seems super focused." I told myself.

It didn't help that I felt more loving today, especially after yesterday with the whole bad picture event.

As embarrassing as it was, I still asked, "Can I have a kiss..?" I tried my best to ask in the cutest voice I could make. I felt like a stranger to myself. "The old me would've never even think about asking a question like that.." I was always a serious inkling, one that didn't have time to fool around or make jokes. Not only that, but I never even thought about having a boyfriend. That is, until I met Mike. Now all of a sudden, fool around, make jokes and get/give affection is all I want now.

"As much as I want to Sarah, I have to finish these files and documents." He let out a tired sigh. "How about after work when we get home?" I blushed lightly and pouted, frowning. "I suppose.." I muttered, upset at the fact that I had to wait.

~ 1 Hour Into Work (8 A.M.)  ~

I continued to write in my papers, and tried my best to calm down the side of me that just wanted to pounce on Agent 8 and kiss him all over.

~ 6 Hours Into Work (1 P.M.) ~

We didn't leave until 4 P.M, and I was already finished with my work. Not only that, but Mike wasn't exactly paying much attention to me too. I mean I get that he has work to do, but still. 

I set aside the stack of files and papers and documents and got up. Slowly and shyly I walked over to him and stood behind his chair and put my hand on his upper back. I gave him a gentle shove that temporarily disrupted his work. He turned around to the side where I pushed him, but I quickly moved to the opposite side and giggled. "Sarah, stop messing with me." He chuckled, turning back to the paper in front of him. I pouted, upset that he still wasn't paying as much attention to me.

I kissed him on the cheek, rested my body on his back, held his unoccupied hand, and didn't get a reaction whatsoever.

Leaning on the headrest of his chair, I played around with his tentacle hair, swaying it back and forth and rubbing his head. "Sarah..." He whispered again, basically telling me to stop.

Still determined, I moved to the side of his seat and sat on his lap, not saying a word and not even turning into my squid form. "Sarah.." He muttered again. "I can't see the desk.." Mike half smiled at me.

My eyes widened as I felt my entire body get lifted up. My blush intensified as I noticed that Mike lifted me up in a bridal carry and placed his arms under my thighs and the other on my back. I smiled and snuggled up against his hero suit but just as soon as I was getting comfortable, Mike sat me back down on the cushiony seat. I frowned and looked down in disappointment.

"Sarah, the quicker I finish, the faster you can have my attention."

I gave up after that, and I was no longer in the mood for his attention or love, so I pulled out my phone and fidgeted on it for the remainder of our shift.

~ 8 Hours And 50 Minutes Into Work (3:50 P.M.) ~

"Finally done!" Mike sighed with relief as he set down the pen and organized his completed work. "Alright Sarah, we can sign out and go home and you can have 100% of my attention." He got up and proceeded to attempt to hug me. Still not in the mood, I pulled away out of his arms. "I don't want it anymore," I whispered.

We signed out and said goodbye, and in a another attempt, Mike tried to hold my hand, which he was successful on. Though I was hardly even holding onto his. He sighed, clearly confused, and we walked back home in silence.


Upon entering the front door to our place, I sat down silently on the living room couch. Mike let out a small sigh and sat right next to me.

"So you don't want my love or attention anymore?"


Mike gave me a serious glare that ran chills up my back, and I looked at him right in the eyes.

"Do you realize how much it took everything in me to not follow along with what you were doing?"

My eyes widened as I heard those words, and a blush began to creep onto my face and ears.

"If I'm being honest, I can't hold back anymore." Mike firmly stated with a grin as he gently laid me down on my back. Surprisingly, I didn't fight back.

Our faces were inches apart, and he had me pinned down on the couch. I hate to admit it, but it had my heart racing from excitement. "So I'll give you the attention you wanted.."

He whispered softly that had me giggling nervously yet excitedly. Seeing this side of him was..interesting.


Our make out session, that was a bit more intense than I had anticipated, was something that I greatly enjoyed.

In the end, I ended up wanting his attention and love again.

I snuggled up to him all afternoon as he kissed me gently and lovingly. <3

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