Chapter 21

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(Y/N) POV:

I grabbed a jacket as I left my room, dressed to head to the climbing centre with the boys

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I grabbed a jacket as I left my room, dressed to head to the climbing centre with the boys. Trace, Vick and Will were already casually dressed but I knew from experience they always travelled with some workout clothes at hand, Vick less than the other two but still he decided to tag along. Yoongi oppa and Jiminie had already said that they weren't going to participate on the extreme trails, but I saw the competitive light enter Kookie as his eyes shone with the challenge.

Jin oppa drove us to the climbing centre at the heart of Seoul, it had a high fee, but it catered to celebrities or high-status figures and because of that could guarantee the security and privacy required by their clientele. I had scoped it out once when I was driving by but hadn't anyone to go with so didn't make use of my membership pass which allowed entrance to such facilities; they were all under one large managing company- that's why.

The boys were already waiting for us, dressed in shorts and t-shirts which did none but emphasise their muscular builds and tall statures. They really did make me feel tiny, but they claimed because their mum was tiny too, it just made me cuddlable- whatever that meant.

We quickly entered, I rushed forward to secure a private session for all of us and we were guided into a large indoor space where two young trainers stepped up to fit us into our harnesses and safety helmets. It was a third figure who stepped up to fit me into my harness, tightening it and making sure it was secure on my hips and between my legs as they tugged it experimentally. One tug had me nearly stumbling into the man, but I managed to regain my balance. They quickly slid their hands behind me as they double checked and secured the fastenings before stepping back and leaving the room. How odd...he wasn't one of the trainers I'd seen enter the room with us, huh must be extra help.

The trails were outlined in colours according to difficulty level, BTS stepped up to do a quick warm up and run through because they hadn't done it on a high level before, but the other boys and I stood on the side watching.

I hadn't realised I had been carefully watching the boys until I was nudged in my side.

"You've not lost the training and sharp instincts we honed." Vick said approvingly. He'd taken note of how her eyes were constantly scanning the environment and her body was tightly poised in a fight or flight stance. But the way her eyes slid across the room could easily be mistaken as mere curiosity, but he saw the gleam in her eyes and the way they narrowed when one of the members went out of sight as they climbed, or a foot slipped. She had been trained well indeed, he thought proudly looking down at her.

The loud appearance of the boys roused Vick from his train of thought, and he saw a small tilt of (Y/N)'s lips as they curved upwards; she'd picked up on his brief absentmindedness.

"Guys you were amazing!" I cheered as they came, noticing Hobi's face was slightly shocked and Tae's a bit pale because of the height from which they had had to jump after climbing. Kookie's eyes were gleaming with the rush of adrenaline he was experiencing and the high that came from a competitive sport. Yoongi oppa looked like he was half awake, but I could tell from the slightly wider than normal cat-stare he was displaying that he had enjoyed it. Namjoon oppa and Jinnie oppa were teasing and laughing whilst making supporting encouragements about each member. Jiminie looked like he'd enjoyed it too, his record was only mere seconds apart from Kookie's.

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