chapter 10

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Rehab's p.o.v
I saw her going towards her room. I knew she must be crying so I stood up to go to her and console her when beejan stopped me saying,
"Don't go. Let her be.."
I nodded and again sat back on sofa. I was sulking at her family means how could they do this to her, their own daughter.
I saw Haider coming towards me and sat beside me on sofa.
I was about to speak when he said,
"I know everything. Yusha called me. Don't worry he will shift them to a safest place."
I smiled and he patted my shoulder.
"Beejan I don't know but I am feeling that she is not OK. I can't wait anymore. I am going to check on her."
"OK OK you go."
I tried to open door but it was locked.
"Tooba! Tooba open the door."
She didn't reply.
I kept on banging door but  I didn't get answer even after 5mins.
"Tooba open the damn door or I am going to break it."
Still didn't get any response.
"Tooba! OK I will count 3 then I will break it.
I kicked on the knocked and door opened with a loud thud.
I opened door just to see her lying on ground with blood ozing from her left wrist.
I screamed and ran towards her. I took her head in my lap and started tapping on her face.
"Wake up tooba! What happened to you?"
I took her hand and bandaged it with my handkerchief.
I shouted.
"Haider come here man!! Haider!"
He came running along with beejan.
"Ya Allah!"
Beejan gasped.
"Beejan! Look she is not opening eyes."
Beejan sat with me and said soothing words but I was too deaf to hear.
"I have called doctor. She will be here soon."
Haider said and I nodded.
"Rehab beta first take her to bed."
I took her bridal style in my arms and made her lie on bed.
"Beejan! Look how much blood has been wasted."
I was on verge of crying.
"Doctor came."
Haider said and went out of room.
After few minutes he came back with a girl.
"Assalam o alikum I am doctor Ramsha."
She said and shaked hands with beejan.
"Walikum salam. Doctor see ! She is not opening eyes. I have called her many times."
I was sitting beside her.
"Relax Mr. Khan let me see. You please take aside."
I stood up beside bed.
Doctor inspected her wound.
"Hmm.. So too much blood has been wasted. We immediately need blood. I have to do some tests you all please go outside and send my nurse and ward boy inside."
"Doctor she will OK na?"
I asked with many hopes.
"Let's see Mr khan. We will try our best."
We all went outside. The hurry in doctor's manner made me worried.
Its been 20 mins of doctor being there and we are still clueless about her condition.
Haider came beside me and hugged me by side.
We heard door opening and our attention diverted towards doctor who came running towards us.
"Doctor what happened? Is she OK?"
"See Mr khan we are trying but due to too much loss of blood she is still in danger. We need blood."
"Which group?"
I asked.
"Well she has O positive blood group."
"Let me call blood bank."
I took my phone out to call when doctor intrupted me.
" I have called them but they have ran out of  O+ blood and they can't arrange it in time less than 10 hours."
"Oh Allah! Haider now what should I do?"
I took my head in my hands and sat down on sofa.
"How much blood you need doctor?"
"I guess 3 pouches."
"OK you do all arrangements. I will donate blood. I have o+ blood group."
Haider said and I looked at him with teary eyes.
Yeah! I was crying. I was crying seeing my one and only love in this state, fighting with life and death.
I stood up and hugged Haider.
"OK come in. I am making arrangements."
Doctor said and ran in.
"Thank you so much Haider. I owe you. I owe you alot. I will give you whatever you ask but please save my tooba. Please!"
I said joining my palms in front of him.
"Oh come one bro. I don't want anything. I am doing this just to save my sister. I want her smile back."
He said and ran towards room.
Maghrib Azan was calling out. Day passed by a blur.
I went to my room and took my white shalwar suit from cupboard which I used to wear especially on Jummahs to pray years ago.
I moved towards washroom to change and did my ablution, spread my prayer mat and started nmaz.

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