Chapter 30: Ranked Match ~ Rainmaker

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Agent 8's (Mike's) P.O.V:

We both decided to go to a Ranked Match the next day after work. And today's game mode was Rainmaker, on either MakoMart or Walleye Warehouse.

The both of us had previously picked up our weapons back home, Sarah with her Splattershot Pro and me with my basic Splat Roller. Recently, I've changed from the same weapon as Sarah to a roller, which is more to my liking. With my strength, I am able to wield it just a tiny bit more freely, giving me a very tiny advantage. Every second counts in a match and decides whether or not you get splatted.

Sarah and I always get excited before we enter a match, so much so that it reminds me when we were only best friends. Nevertheless, on the battlefield, not only were we best friends and a couple, but teammates too.

~ Walleye Warehouse ~

Our team consisted of Sarah and I, and two other inklings wielding an Octobrush and a Kensa Splattershot Jr. Super jumping to our spawn point and seeing the opposing team land to theirs, we waited patiently for the whistle to blow to call the start of the match.


Everyone, including Sarah, began to shoot and swing their weapons, covering up the ground ahead of us to approach the Rainmaker, bubbled up at the top of some boxes at the middle of the stage.

"Sarah! I'll surprise them by going to their side and splat them as they shoot the Rainmaker!" I called out as we made it to the center stage. She smiled at me and nodded, a look of determination appearing on her face.

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Everyone's first instinct was to either shoot the Rainmaker bubble or begin to climb the wall that led up to it. Instead, I went around the boxes as my teammates tried to pop the bubble to catch the enemy team off guard. Sure enough, there were three inklings there. One with Custom Dualie Squelchers, another with a N-Zap '85 and another with a Bloblobber. All of them were shooting at the Rainmaker.

The three jumped in surprise as they saw me but didn't have enough time to shoot me. With a couple swift swings, I splatted them, one by one. 3/4 of the team was taken out in a blink of an eye.

"Inklings can be so predictable.." I smirked to myself.

I perked up from where I was standing and heard a beep not so far away from me. Since the area around me was covered with our color, lime green, I quickly turned into my octopus form and swam behind a nearby wall. Right after I was barely able to get behind said wall, a charger shot went off. It just barely hit me.

At this point, our team got the Rainmaker and were already charging ahead. I swam towards them as the Rainmaker charged up and shot its powerful shots. From what I could tell, the inkling girl using the Octobrush had got it. Sarah and the other inkling boy were guarding  the one with the Rainmaker, covering the areas around them and swiftly taking down the recently respawned enemies once more. I swam ahead of them to provide greater support and got plenty more splats out of it.

Though we were all taken out at once with a Splashdown.

The battle went on, opposing sides gaining points by getting a bit farther into the enemy side and people getting splatted. By predicting their movements and anticipating where they'd be, I got a lot more splats. I was in the zone.

We pushed ahead one final time, this time Sarah with the Rainmaker, and I was able to take out the entire team with luck with two swings. I swam ahead once more and covered a side of the pillar where the Rainmaker was to be placed to win. "Sarah!" I called out as I was getting shot at by the N-Zap user. Our entire team was under fire. Sarah, trying to avoid the enemy ink flying around and on the floor, tried to move as quickly as possible with the heavy Rainmaker to the pillar. One of our teammates got splatted. I got someone else, and the other teammate was splatted.

Right when Sarah was about to climb the pillar with the Rainmaker, I noticed the same charger locking on her. Without hesitating, I jumped in front of the shot and got splatted.

Not a second after I respawned, the whistle blew, telling us that the match had successfully ended. I smiled proudly, mostly for Sarah. And collapsed on the floor. Kneeling on one leg, and my body supporting itself on my roller, I let out a tired cough. I was breathing heavily and was sweating, but that's just ranked match for you.

Agent 3's (Sarah's) P.O.V:

I was impressed by Mike's strategy. Of course, thanks to him and his plan, we were able to get a strong start and advantage against the other team. Promptly, it led to our victory.

After leaving the arena, we headed over to where Judd would decide the winning team and show the leaderboards for the match.

"Mike!" I laughed gleefully as I jumped into his arms. He laughed too as he caught me. ""You did amazing out there!" I exclaimed snuggling up to him while also giggling. I was really proud of him and all of his work to become who he is today. "Thanks Sarah~" He kissed my forehead. "But you did amazing as well."

Even though the winner was obvious, Judd went on telling us that our team one 100% with a K.O. Bonus. And proceeded to show the leaderboards on the screen behind him.

Our Team:
Mike - 29 Splats
Sarah - 16 Splats
? - 9 Splats
? - 10 Splats
Total: 64 Splats

Enemy Team:

? - 14 Splats
? - 12 Splats
? - 15 Splats
? - 10 Splats
Total: 51 Splats

You'd be surprised how much more often you get splatted in real matches. Kills are quick and simple, and even respawning doesn't take long at all. So it hardly feels like you've lost time at all.

"How the hell.."
"Haha, we got destroyed."

The other teams remarks at his amount of splats made me giggle. I looked over at Mike, and he seemed pretty happy with the amount he got. Pecking him on the cheek, I smiled brightly and proudly. "Good job, baby." Mike smiled back and gently kissed me on the lips before being bombarded with inklings wanting his friend code again.

~ Later That Afternoon ~

After a couple more Ranked matches, we headed out of the lobby.

The sun was already setting, turning the blue sky into a fiery orange. There were light gusts of wind and rustling of the bushes outside.

Content with how everything was going, I hugged Mike's right arm tightly as we walked along silently. He gave me a loving smile as I gave him one back, a small pink blush on both of our faces.

Everything was perfect, and we were both incredibly happy.

No one's P.O.V:

Though, everything was about to change for the worst. And they didn't know it yet.


They're finally being accepted around Inkopolis and are being treated better. What challenges will they have to face next and what awaits them in the future?

Book 2 is underway!

[End of Book 1: Forbidden Love!]


A.N. Thank you everyone for your never ending support on this book, and based off on some comments I saw, I've decided to make a second book for it and is in development.
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