chapter 11

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Tooba's p.o.v

I opened my eyes with tons of heaviness on them. This time nothing flashed in front of my eyes cause I remembered everything. I was feeling pain in my whole body.
I tried to move my hands but found one attached to a drip which was almost done and on other I felt some burden. I raised my eyes and the sight was enough for my eyes to pop out of their sockets.
Rehab was holding my hand in his both hands and his head was pressed on my hand.
I felt little wetness on my palm which was in his grip.
Was he crying??
I thought but another second I shrugged it away.
It can't be possible.
He was sleeping soundly so I thought to not disturb him and stated thinking about my dream such I saw sometime ago in which he was asking me to kill him but not hurt myself because it kills him indirectly.
I averted my attention towards him and started looking at him. For the first time after our meeting I was this calm and looking at him precisely.
I tilt my head and starred at his calm face. He looks like a baby while sleeping.
A smile crept on my lips looking him like this.
Well his work and daily life don't offer him to calm himself for a mere second. He always remains in hurry.
But he still is willing to give you his time and everything.
My subconscious said and my smile faded.
Does he really love me a lot?
This a question which I guess will always remain unanswered because off course I won't ask him.
He has a sharp nose,pointed and prominent jawline, pink shaded lips. He has indeed amazing features. Looking at his jawline and little growing beard I remembered the day when Minahil asked me which type of guys I like and I replied her with a huge grin,
" I like guys with pointed jawline and light beard. "
I sighed and started looking at him again. This time his hair caught my attention.
Man!! He has silky and shiny hair.
I wonder which shampoo he uses. Are they smooth in real or its my hallucination?
Should I touch them?
I felt sudden urge to touch them but stopped in mid track.
I saw here and there but didn't find anyone.
No one will know and besides he is sleeping.
I placed my hand in his hair and they were really smooth.
I ruffled his hair and started massaging his head slowly.
I was enjoying this. So I closed my eyes and started to feel the moment.

Rehab's p.o.v

I felt sudden calmness overcoming me. I opened my eyes and was about to lift my head when I felt her fingers in my hair massaging my scalp. I slightly tilted my head to have a look at her but her eyes were closed. I smiled and again closed my eyes.
I was feeling her when our little moment was disturbed by one and one beejan.
She took her hand back and I raised my head up. We both looked at each other, our eyes met for a second but she broke eye contact.
"Did I disturb you?"
Beejan asked with a slay smile.
"Na.. No!"
I said and stood up removing dust from my clothes.
"How are you feeling now?"
Tooba said with a little smile.
"Good. I have brought a soup for you. Have it and you will feel more ease."
Beejan put tray on bed and sat beside her.
"Beejan I am going back. I hope you will take care of her."
Tooba tilted her head at side opposite to me.
"When will you come back?"
Beejan asked in sad tone.
"I don't know. May be never."

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