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"ahh" said Dante upon seeing Lucy enter the room full of people "here she comes" accompanied by Rylan and serene.

Lucy didn't paid any heed to him, ventured further into the room and mingled seeing Emilio and his mate standing not that far talking along serene with her, before Dante could catch up to them.

"You here" Joseph Emilio's mate asked Lucy

"All I feel, I just stepped into war zone already" Lucy muttered in reply

"And running like that going to help you how?" serene countered back

"Buying time" Lucy replied

On the other hand Dante introduced himself to seething alpha of Europe "I reckon we haven't met before, I'm alpha Dante"

"Well I can't say we haven't met" Rylan courtesy said "but, it nice to finally meet you again"

"Well I don't remember our previous meeting" Dante coyly replied "but, hoping to form acquaintance with you"

"Well only time will tell" Rylan said excused himself to introduce him to the host family.

"mum" Lucy called her mother "what are you planning? There is half of the family is here and so does Emilio and his family, their parents are you trying to butcher me or them."

"What are you talking about?" Barbara enquired her daughter "why you have to be so dramatic?"

"Dramatic? Me" Lucy asked astonished "I get that you want to do right by me but, inviting so many people aren't you afraid it might not go as you planned" breathing heavily

Barbra on the other hand seems in full control of her emotions "what are you afraid of?" asked her daughter "because let me tell you I'm not afraid and yes I want to do right by you but, not just you your kids too. They have been wronged too, deprived of love of family, grandparents so much more. I wanted to show your father what he said or done to you was wrong. To show your sister how disappointed I'm in her?"

"Sometimes we have to let past knock on our door" she muttered to her daughter "so that we can have the closure and move onto better horizons of life."

Lucy heard her mother loud and clear "I know, I believe that too"

"that' good" Barbara said "let's go, it's time to show them who's the boss" with the support of her mother Lucy felt at ease and ready to face it once and for all to close this chapter, a final closure.

"What a pleasure to see you Lucy?" Mrs Eva Collins, Dante's mother said

"it's been while" Lucy replied

"c'mon mom" Zeena cut through their conversation " she finally decided to crawl out of her hole, for what? Gain sympathy"

"its your way of talking" serene jumped to their conversation " or you just naturally a bitch because if so, it's not attractive; so old school"

"calling someone else to clean your own shit huh, Lucy" Zeena spat again

"hmmm" serene hummed "charming, well let me introduce myself Luna serene Rent, first cousin of Alpha King of Europe"

Zeena sat a little stunned but, quickly recovered "now you letting royals play your dirty game, little sister. Nothing new there, you always let others do your dirty work. Let me tell you darling fight you own battles."

Lucy couldn't help but, chuckled "oh Zeena I fear for you, what if you can't take? What I have stored for you? Will you break because, let me tell you darling, when I fight there's no left to retaliate" and left Zeena seething.

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