Chapter 5

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"L-leonel?" I gasped.

"Hm? Oh Jody." He gave me a small shy smile before sitting up. He was shirtless and he had kiss marks from his belly button to his neck. Not only that...he had abs!

"We didn't do anything, right?" I said covering my mouth in horror.

"No nothing like 'that'." He said stretching.

"Can you tell me exactly what happened." I asked. Though I didn't know if I wanted to know. He tilted his head and nodded.


(Last night Leonel Pov)
*Warning mature content*

I can't handle everyone's gazes judging me, so I went out on the balcony for air.

My Elisa where are you? I found myself wondering. I got closer to the glass doors to see her dancing with Mr. Cordell. I felt a pang in my chest.

Is this jealousy? She shouldn't be with him. She should be with me.

I shook my head quickly. I shouldn't be thinking these selfish thoughts. She seems happy and that's what matters, right?

I sighed and backed away from the door, only to see the brown haired girl I haven't talked to in years.

"Oh Leon!" She slurred and grabbed me into a tight hug. I couldn't deny it felt nice to be the one hugged. It felt cooling and calm. Could she perhaps be a water user as well?

I suddenly realized I had never gotten her name.

"What is your name?" I asked while trying to pull her away. To my dismay she kept her grip tight.

"Jody is the name." She giggled. The suddenly she grabbed my face and made me look down at her. Just as she did years ago.

"Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?" She murmured. All I could manage is shake my head, for my face felt hot.

"Your hair is so soft." She purred standing taller to ruffle my hair. Suddenly a I found myself leaning into her touch.

"Your eyes..." I suddenly leaned back. She gave me a hurt look before continuing. "Your eyes are beautiful. They are like rubies. I don't how people can fear them. Your eyes are so kind." She said stroking my cheeks and then ran her finger onto my jawline, sending shivers down my spine. What is this feeling? I shook my head quickly. I can't be doing this.

"I'll go find someone to escort you back to your room." I mumbled pushing her off me gently. Suddenly she grabs me by the arm and shoved me into a seat.

"You're very good looking. Much more than Cordell. I don't know how Elisa could do that to you." She mumbled. I would usually feel angry at someone talking of her like that, but in this situation I couldn't help being confused. What did my dear Elisa do to me?

As quick as light her lips were on mine. I was shocked, but it felt nice. Her lips were soft. I licked my lips subconsciously.

"Hehe you're so cute." She purred and climbed onto my lap putting head into the crevasse of my neck.

"mm" I widen my eyes at the noise that came from my mouth. I had never made a noise like that before. I looked at her who was kissing my neck. I'm sorry my Elisa, my Elisa, my, my, Jody....this feels so good. Why have I never felt this pleasure before?

I gently pushed her away and got up. My pants felt tight. She looked up at me smiling and stood up. She walked in my direction and automatically brought her hand to my pants. To be more specific the tight part.

When she touched me there I found myself groaning. I gasped suddenly becoming aware of our surroundings.

"I-I will bring you back to your room." I mumbled blushing and pushing her away. She doesn't say anything and if anything seems like she's about to fall asleep. I wrap my arm around her waist and quickly get out of there trying to avoid gazes. I stop for a second to look around. What if Elisa sees this? I suddenly spot her but she is still with Cordell and gently punching him, laughing. I felt upset again, but sighed. I have more important things to do. I trust her.

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