🔶 23 - Lonely Together 🔶

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"So, let's walk around together? Just the three of us?" The blue-capped boy suggested, making Api nodded repeatedly while for Daun, he bit his lower lip and remained silent.

"Umm...." Their new friend slowly glanced at someone from a distance gloomily, making Api and Angin looked at him in confusion.

"Daun?" The red-capped boy called. "Are you okay?" He asked, glancing to where Daun was looking.

"Oh..." Api pursed his lips as he realized where Daun was staring at; their older brothers. "That one with the yellow jacket is your older brother, isn't it?" He asked, earning a slight nod from the green capped boy.

"Well, I know what you're feeling right now, Daun." The crimson-eyed boy calmly said. "And I'm also feeling that way too..."

Api glanced deplorably at his big brother, Cahaya. "See that guy wearing a white cap and a white jacket?" He asked as he pointed to a certain person between the three teenage boys. "That's Cahaya, my big brother..." He stated, cracking a smile.

Daun's brows furrowed, looking back at Api. "Can I ask what happened between the two of you?" The leaf element curiously asked.

The red capped boy chuckled bitterly. "It was actually personal. But since we're friends, I think I can trust you with this one." He said, giving a small, forced smile.

"Well, about my brother..." The crimson-eyed boy started. "He was a good big brother..." He stated, curving a small smile on his lips as he stared at the ground.

"He's like my tutor whenever I'm confused in a certain subject. Well, to be specific... Math." He continued.

"He's like my protector whenever I'm in danger. Really, it's like, he's the big brother I could ever wished for. But then..." He sighed deeply.

"One day, he just suddenly... change..." He muttered, his smile turned into a frown. "I didn't know what changed him that day..."

"Then, he'd just suddenly ignore my presence, or sometimes, call me names which some of it really offended me..." He calmly stated, hot tears started to welled up in his eyes.

"It hurts. It did. But now, I was used to it." Api finished, as he forced a chuckled but in a pained way.

"Don't worry, Daun. I too, experienced the same situation as Api." Angin softly said, smiling sadly at the green capped boy.

"My big brother, Air. Before, he was that big brother who's fun to be with and that eldest brother I always looked up to. But when he reached his teenage years, he wasn't anymore that big brother I used to have fun with, nor looked up to..." The blue capped boy stated, sighing heavily. "My big brother also changed..." He mumbled, pursing his lips.

"But, I actually felt relieved when I met Api though!" Angin stated, his before downhearted, sorrowful feeling turned into a joyful, lively one.

Api's cheerful side also evinced. "Yeah!" The crimson-eyed boy exclaimed as he slung an arm around Angin's neck and grinned.

"But, we felt more relieved when you came to us and we'd already became friends with each other." Angin genuinely said, facing Daun with a warm smile, with Api nodding in agreement while grinning.

Daun gave them a sad yet, a genuine smile, deep down he felt a bit of happiness when he met the duos, Angin and Api.

"By the way, do you have by any chance have... powers like us?" Api asked the green capped boy, his head tilted slightly to the side.

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