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"You know... I still owe you" Keefe pointed out as he and Sophie walked out of everglens front doors
"Yes, you do" Sophie said, smiling
"I think I know a place. You'll love it" Keefe grabbed Sophie's hand, leading her off the path and to a much less obvious one, that was covered in branches and grass and clearly not that traveled on. Eventually after a couple minutes of walking, they came to a small clearing with a gazebo and lake. When Sophie stepped into the small building, she smiled. The worn white paint gave it a rustic feel, and the small lanterns hanging from the rafters at different heights looked magical. It was getting dark, the meeting had gone on for a long time because of all the questions for Keefe.
"Too bad they don't light up" Sophie frowned, because even though it was cozy, the gazebo was obviously not taken care of, if even known about. Keefe felt along the doorway, and Sophie heard a small click before the lights came on.
"You were saying?" Keefe asked, smirking. Sophie turned around, the sun now almost all the way set. The lake was so still, it looked like a mirror of the stars just peeking out, a second moon reflecting back at the original
"It's beautiful. How'd you even know about this place?" Sophie asked, quietly to not disturb the peaceful silence that had settled over the clearing. Keefe came up behind her, leaning on the railing next to her
"I basically grew up here. Stayed here as much as my parents would let me, which was almost more then at home. This was basically my second house" Keefe said, matching Sophie's low voice.
"Oh, right" she said, feeling bad for bringing it up
"It's ok, though" Keefe assured her, his hand inching closer to hers on the banister. She reached out the rest of the way and grabbed it, grateful for the warmth of his hand in hers
"So. We were here for a reason" Keefe reminded. He stepped back from the railing, taking Sophie's had above her head and spinning her around. He bowed, low and formal "malady" he mimicked the tone of a stuffy proper person and she giggled. He gently pulled her to the center of the floor, placing his other hand on her hip
"There's no music" she pointed out
"There is. You just have to listen" Keefe told her. She scrunched her nose, but stayed quite, listening intently. Slowly, the crickets chirping and the birds singing, the rustle of the branches and the swoosh of the long grass melted together to from a song, soft and sweet. As she finally started to hear it Keefe swept her into the dance, a simple, elegant one.
"Where'd you learn to dance?" Sophie had to ask, but quietly.
"My mom made me take dance classes for a while. Told me it was for my winnowing gala" he answered quietly. They stayed silent for a long time, just dancing. Finally, Keefe asked " ready?"
"Ready for wh-" Sophie got cut off as Keefe led her into an intense spin, finishing off with a dip. As Sophie was pulled back up right, Keefe met her with a soft kiss. Her eyes flew open but shut again once she realized what was happening, and put her hands gently on his chest, kissing back. Suddenly, a throat cleared behind them.


"Biana, please" Sophie begged, pleaded.
"Well then tell me!" She said, crossing her arms. Sophie shot a quick look at Keefe.
"That was the first time" Sophie lied
"Really? Looked like you guys were pretty well acquainted" Biana huffed
"You don't even like me anymore" Keefe decided to say, which earned him a glare from both the girls
"What Keefe's trying to ask is why you're so upset?" Sophie tried to amend
"You just broke up with my brother!" Biana said "and you were making out on his property"
"Look, I'm sorry. But it's been awhile... and I felt it was enough time to move on" Sophie tried to explain awkwardly, not even attempting to cover the making out thing. Biana looked at the ground, where they were a couple of feet away from the gazebo after she tried to leave but Sophie wouldn't let her.
"Whatever" Biana sighed
"So you won't tell Fitz?" Sophie asked
"I was never going to tell Fitz. It's your place, plus I don't want to get in the middle. I still think you should've waited a little longer, though" Biana told them. Both blonds sighed in relief  "But you should tell him soon. He might already know, with how obvious you guys are being" she added. Sophie blushed and Keefe looked away
"We're not being obvious" Sophie tried to defend
"Oh come on. Why do you think I followed you in the first place" She asked. Both Keefe and Sophie stayed silent
"I'll tell him soon" Sophie promised "and we'll try to be less obvious"
"I think I should tell him, but yeah" Keefe agreed
"Why you?" Sophie asked
"I'm his best friend. And I can monitor his emotions" Keefe explained
"Ok, one of us will tell him" Sophie said
"Ok" Biana huffed "but I better not see anymore PDA"

That's right folks, I'm not dead! Corona haven't gotten me yet. Sorry for not updating for forever! I don't have a excuse, just that I suck at keeping a good schedule. Anyway, hope you enjoy that chapter!

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