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"One hundred thousand

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"One hundred thousand."

"One hundred fifty," I sighed and emphasised the 'fifty.' There was no way I was going below that. No matter what Harold Black said.

"One hundred ten," he said, shaking his head and glaring at me with his beady black eyes.

Did he really think increasing ten thousand would make me sell out? No way he could buy me.

Below one and twenty at least.

I scoffed at his bargain, leaning back and placing my legs on the table in front of me. I looked dead into his eyes, currently obscured under the dim lights of what I could only describe as an interrogation room. I decided that I needed an uncivilized method to get him to yield. Usually, I wouldn't be upfront with men who were still in the closet. However, I knew I had the upper hand in this case.

Plus, I was kinda bored.

I sighed dramatically before I spoke, "You said you'd pay me half a million if I sucked your cock."

Black's eyes darkened, his cheeks flushing red as I smiled cheekily in satisfaction. Of course, he had simply been desperate when he had made that claim. I knew it was a flimsy argument. However, I continued. "By that analogy, busting a billionaire's business should at least be two hundred. I'm letting you off easy with one fifty."

He sighed, patting his receding hairline. I touched my tongue to the back of my topmost front teeth, opening my mouth. I smiled, tilting my head to the side. This was just one of the little manoeuvres that never failed to leave my opponent hot and bothered. The trick was to make them feel wanted. Everyone desired to be desired.

I shook my head and tried again. "Come on, Harold. You know my price."

I wondered if I should throw in a wink, but from his utterly crippled self-confidence, I knew he would prefer the more coy side of me. Sure enough, his cheeks flamed as I smirked in victory. I let my eyes travel down his haggard frame, slowly. I enjoyed his nervous, eager reaction to my unwavering gaze. I opened my mouth to plead as I knew he wanted me to, however, my breath caught when I felt a strong, firm hand on my left shoulder and a deliciously deep voice near my ear that sent shivers down my spine.

"Come on, Xavier. You're driving us a hard bargain here."

The vibrations from the voice made my thoughts meander into a rather unsophisticated territory. I sighed, shaking my head. "You guys are just playing me now. Get someone else if this is what-"

I stopped breathlessly as the hand on my shoulder tightened. Grayson Shelby leaned over, whispering seductively. "One twenty-five."

It might not have been seductive, but everything about him was sexy enough to set my core on fire. I relished for a second in the enticing thrill that travelled up my body at his silky, dangerous voice. The voice that I could have moaning for me in seconds.

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