fourth: seduction

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I find this song insanely sexy.

"You look nice."

I stiffened at the compliment and chanced a sideways glance at Grayson. His eyes were determinedly fixed on the road in front of him, his cheeks slightly pink. I had decided to go for the reliable, all time favourite plain white shirt. Tugged in loosely so it would tumble out in a careless sexy fashion when I moved. I had done extensive study on Atkinson and her behaviour. Although the media knew shockingly less about her dating life, which was what I was banking on to keep my identity a secret. The men she had dated before had been entrepreneurs, sharply dressed and classic. She seemed to have a taste for the finer things in life. 

And what said fine better than a tight shirt that accentuated my abdominal muscles?

I leaned my head against the cold glass of the car window and spoke modestly, "I know."

I didn't take his compliment seriously. It hardly mattered anyway. I was not going to let my heart cling on to false hopes. It was his job to boost my confidence for the project.

He gave me half a smile as we turned around a corner into a relatively empty street. Night had fallen and the unobtrusive road was dotted with sleazy bars and restaurants. Multiple neon signs glared at me from every nook and corner. Posters advertising a plethora of articles were plastered onto the windows and doors of the stores.

"There," Grayson said as he turned the car slightly towards the pavement and parked it. I followed his gaze and saw that some hundred meters away from us, a massive sign flashed the word 'Thirst' in a dripping font and colourful neon lights.

"It's this nightclub she has invested in," Grayson said as he gazed at it. "It's supposed to be really high end. However, we did manage to put your name on the list."

"Mason Waters," I whispered under my breath. Trying to get used to the name. My cover this time was a struggling actor who had come to the city in hopes of making it big. Making it into a few commercials which never saw the light of the day. I ran the background information through my head. I had spent the entire day repeating them again and again. Absorbing. Believing. Trying to forge fiction into a tangible person. 

I took a deep breath, checking my reflection in the side mirror before stepping out of the car. I stood still for a while, gazing at the bar up ahead. There were a few people milling about the street. Some of them were making their way towards the bar, laughing and chatting. I fished out the phone I had been given for the assignment and checked the time. It was eleven-thirty. I had been informed that the opening would commence at twelve. I raked a hand through my hair, setting it in place as I started walking away from the car.

Grayson's voice called me from behind and I stopped, turning around to look at him. His voice floated towards me through the shadows. 


It was too dark to see his face and I wondered if he was mocking me. I gave him a curt nod and resumed walking towards the bar. My heart was thumping nervously. Whether it was from Grayson's unexpected actions or the dreadful anticipation, I wasn't sure.

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