fifteenth: naked

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I couldn't sleep that night.

I lay in my bed listlessly. Gazing up at the dark ceiling. My heart numb. This project was turning out to be more than I bargained for, and I wasn't sure for how long I could handle it.

The night transcended into dawn as I lay. I watched my room gradually get shrouded under a dark shadow, but I couldn't be bothered to switch on the lights. Perhaps so my room reflected the state of my mind which drifted in and out of rational thoughts. Reliving my conversation with Gray.

'I'm not your client.'

The words made my heart lurch and stomach clench uncomfortably. My breath rushing out of me like something had run me over. I curled into a ball, playing aimlessly with a single thread that had escaped my bedsheet. My phone rang with a notification, breaking the deafening silence with what sounded like a catatonic din and I reached for it. I was a little surprised to see that it was almost nine. 

Scarlett: got into hs. thank u! (≧▽≦)

I almost threw the phone back. But I was still obliged to focus on the assignment. Why had I expected Grayson to text me? Who was I?

Mason: great job! I knew u could do it! Congratulations!

I put in the excessive exclamation marks to hide my utter disappointment that it was Scarlett who had texted me. She answered almost immediately.

Scarlett: would you mind getting bfast with me if you're free? made lasagna (~‾▿‾)~

I sighed and texted back in affirmative.

Mason: sure! I'll be there in an hour ;)

I added the winky face for unknown reasons and buried my face in the pillow, sighing. It took me a quarter of an hour to finally have the will to get to my feet and get dressed. I realized with a shock that I hadn't eaten anything since yesterday afternoon. Which I had probably thrown up at Reznick's place anyway.

I reached the Atkinson's apartment after half an hour. Scarlett opened the door, beaming at me. She wore a sundress and had her hair in a ponytail. I was surprised to see that it looked like she had dressed up.

"Hey," I smiled at her as her cheeks flushed.

"Come on in!" she said. She seemed to be bouncing on the balls of her feet, her frame quivering with joy. 

She led me into the kitchen as the smell of delicious cheese wafted to my nostrils, making my stomach grumble. "That smells amazing," I remarked.

She turned to me and grinned. "It tastes amazing too."

She put on mittens as I sat behind the counter and gazed at her. "Where's Rosalie?" I asked. She took out the tray and put it on the counter in front of me, her brows furrowed. I gazed at the melted cheese and spoke, "That looks delicious."

She smiled and removed the mittens from her hand. "She had some business and had to leave for France. She'll be back later tonight. I'm surprised she didn't tell you." She handed me a fork and took one herself. "Dig in."

I was surprised too. Was it possible that in spite of everything, Rosalie didn't really trust me completely?

We ate quietly for a few minutes. The hot, melted cheese felt amazing on my starved tongue. "This is so damn good."

She chuckled. "Thanks." She took another bite and spoke, "By the way, thanks again for your help on the test thingy."

I nodded. "No problem."

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